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Spirits' Hesitancy To Join A Reading

Throughout the last five years, my experiences with clients taught me about the various styles of communications that spirits operate during a mediumistic reading. Unlike the Computerized Mediumship, spirits do not follow a specific procedure of uniformity. I learned that there are spirits who are moving through regret, guilt, shame, anger, etc.. while they are housed in energy form.

I'm not sure about what the After-Life is like and I don't claim to know. I only receive glimpses of information that filters through my human mind's construct which means that the information is limited to what the human mind can conceptualize. Mediumistic readings are an educational tool for "the beyond", but I am aware that the information will never be exact regarding what occurs after energy discards the physical body.

Spirits who were involved with substance abuse during their incarnation sometimes tend to present themselves as hesitant to join a session because they feel ashamed for the pain that was caused due to their actions. They are processing their guilt and they are facing the reality of the ripple effects they created while in physicality. Spirits have not come through projecting visions of a hellish is just that they are taking accountability.

There are spirits who were not kind while in their incarnation whether they were abusive, arrogant, divorced from compassion, etc... Their communications feel very distant from me compared to a spirit who had a loving connection with a client. I just feel separated from them as if they are a mile or so away.

I learned that some spirits request for a client to invite them to join the reading. Meaning, they may wait for me to ask a client if there is a specific person the client would like to join after I bring through whoever shows up to the spirit microphone first. I strive to connect with my client's "Star Person" and usually that does occur, but sometimes it doesn't. I'd say it is a rare occurrence that the "Star Person" doesn't join a reading.

If there is a spirit that a client would like to hear from then I just request a first name. I instruct my client to listen to the details that stream through my Mind Tool and then I confirm with my client if these introductory details applies to the name. If yes, then I proceed with the connection.

I read for a woman who had her best friend come through who was a powerhouse! She stole the show and played the mediumistic instrument beautifully. I then asked her to provide a name if there is any other connection she'd like to make. I proceeded to share the details from the energy and I felt toxins moving through my body to conclude that there was substance abuse with this energy. My client shared that the name was her son who abused substances. I was dumfounded. I thought that of course a client's child housed in energy form would be the first person to join, but I learned differently from this experience and others. Her son was processing his shame, guilt, and regrets and he felt unworthy to join. He then proceeded to provide great detailed, evidential information after my client stated that she wished to hear from her son.

If there was a very difficult relationship between my client and a spirit...well, I learned that the link between the three of us will require some nurturing. This work involves energetics and I cannot force a spirit to communicate as others. I just relay what I receive and I usually am impressed by the spirit that the relationship wasn't the best.

Lately, spirits who were involved with addiction have shared that they are in a type of "school". They are moving through an educational process that I feel like is for them to feel, hear, see, know the mistakes they made and the ripple effects they caused. It isn't a judgment-wrath-of-god vibration. It is just the acceptance of one's actions just like a person in a body would realize.

Every spirit will communicate based upon their level of skill using the mediumistic instrument along with providing characteristics of their personality. Meaning, that if a spirit was quiet and shy then they would provide details that mirror those characteristics. I even had a spirit who waited to be asked to join because she was incredibly shy during her incarnation which then provided a deeper validation to my client. Some spirits even are kind and generous so they want other spirits to come through before them as a sweet gesture.

I realize too that some spirits get better at playing the mediumistic instrument over time. When a repeat client requests a mediumistic reading, his/her loved one evolves and becomes proficient in how to communicate with me through the orchestration of impressions.

This work is a craft and it is a unique thumbprint of spirits' essence rather than the broadcasted presentation that every mediumistic reading will be performed in a uniform style.


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