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Streams of Influence Interacting with a Person

Every time that you encounter a are met with many streams interacting with the Mind/Body/Spirit complex which influences the interactions with the person. Streams of frequencies/vibrations that have a stronger influence on one day and then different the next. It is essential that you remain conscious, observant, and aware so that you ensure you are protected along with refraining from creating disastrous ripple effects.

1. Optimal Path

2. Potential

3. Conditioning

4. Day’s Energy Level

5. Past & Illusionary Future Overlay

6. External Energies’ Influence

7. Reactionary Habits

8. Pain Body

9. Truths / Lies

10. Love

Our current incarnation is impressed with strategies from architects to dislodge the soul/spirit from the body so that a person is left with the swarming wasps of lingering traumas that distort the Mind Tool to create an unbalanced mind tool ecosystem. I speak about establishing a healthy mind tool ecosystem in my PSYCHISM Series at The Light Wizards' Bazaar.

These strategies are to attempt to delete the Creative Power of people and to ensure that the Free Will is not activated. Free Will is a topic with many layers to peel, but this post is to illustrate that a person you greet is either operating with more of a Loving Energy housed in Potential or a person is consumed by Darkness designed to enforce the probabilities of creating disastrous ripple effects.

We are in a Masquerade. People dawn many masks and are reinforced by defense/coping mechanisms that were installed through traumatic experiences. It is the Intrinsic Motivation that will allow a person to embark on the healing journey to decondition from the streams so a person may align with his/her Optimal Path.

When you conceptualize my doodle and integrate into your experience then you can begin to see at what level a person is operating from dependent upon with stream of influence is the strongest. You'll be able to dance with the energies. You'll see the best strategy for you to contain your triggers and reactivity so that you are more in control. Darkness is Intelligent. Darkness can see the potentials of what will get you to react to your triggers so you are left dumbfounded asking yourself why you reacted in XYZ way and dealing with the consequences.

This is Psychic Defense. This is you embodying the Light Warrior so you are keenly aware of what cause-effect loops you will create. This also helps you to develop more compassion. You can train yourself to receive information about a person's history that led the person to construct his/her Personality. You'll realize that our Personality is constructed by too many factors to list in this post.

There is always the soul/spirit of a person whispering insights and creating external positive synchronicities so he/she can align with his/her Optimal Path. Unfortunately, as you may already know by now through navigating this world, that many are not equipped with the foundational bravery/courage to embrace the healing journey. They may engage with the de-conditioning process or it may take them a few lifetimes to evolve into a state of working toward embodying Essence.

Be observant. Watch people so that you can ensure your safety as well as to avoid consequences that are not necessary.

We live in a Jungle. Clearly you can tell that there are people consumed by Darkness who desire to inflict pain and horrors onto others. You can also see glimmers of Light by those who are embracing the heroic journey to align with his/her Optimal Path.


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