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Summer Journaling & Gazing

Fourth of July 2024.

This Independence Day was a Return to Yesteryear when I would spend hours outside writing in my journal. Yesteryear being specifically Summer 2010 and Summer 2018 and Summer 2019. Peak Summers that were paramount to developing my skills and sharing them with others. 2010 being the beginning of the Discovery and Development phases leading to 2018's launch into a practice followed by 2019's Summer of reflecting on the past year of readings.

To add to the Nostalgia wave...I've been bopping my head along to the tunes playing from this YouTube video:

This video is playing as I type this while fireworks are bombarding the skies above me.

Summers with me and my journal. Higher Mind giving me the instructions to further explore the blossoming psychic skills that popped into my experience Freshman year of college from 2009 to 2010. I wonder what would've happened if I just ignored the subtle-perceptions blanketing my Mind Tool. Oh lord!

Today was just a remembrance of when I began my psychic and eventual mediumistic journey. How I couldn't wait for the weekends to spend my entire day outside under the Summer sun as I laid on a sheet sprawled out on the grass.

The years of the Inner Mystic - The Psychic Arts and Sciences - when I would be burning with passion to figure out what was happening. Today was a day to feel those emotions and thoughts from 2010/18/19 while basking in a fondness for the innocence I had.

I was naive and that was okay! 0 The Fool card. The playfulness I needed to begin my journey before experiencing the following archetypal manifestations of the remaining Major Arcana.

My tarot deck sat upon the markers I used to write in my journal - or really just to decorate the pages' borders. I loved posing a question then flipping a card to observe the psychic impressions that birthed in a dance with my physical eyes. It was such a throwback! All I did in my free time was journal and read.

Developing your Psychic and Mediumistic skills just takes commitment, discipline, and continuous workings to restore and to strengthen the Psychic Art Mind. Hours upon Days upon Weeks upon Years just me with my journals trying to figure out what was happening and to make sense of it all.

I always say that you don't run a marathon the day after you decide to run a marathon. You train.

Day Dream. Journal. Meditate. Know Thy Mind Tool.


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