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Synchronicity: Golden Girls & Grief Recovery

Summer 2023's Molting directs me toward expanding my ability to Serve. The last few days, I was met with the ideas of learning new modalities to assist people with Grief. I frequented The Grief Recovery Method's website a few months ago and then this organization swam back into my life. I know that my personal grief recovery journey post my mother's transition provided experiential knowledge, but I feel like I'm being led to expand-expand-expand.

I reviewed the mediums listed on Forever Family Foundation's website as I followed Higher Mind's instruction to see what else I can do to Serve. This past Sunday, I was led to my bookshelf to pull out Laura Lynne Jackson's book "The Light Between Us" and Dr. Joe Dispenza's book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" which was another Synchronicity! I bought Dispenza's book on 8/31/19 and I opened up to the page in Jackson's book when she got her abilities tested by FFF in August.

AUGUST - the time of the realization of the Molting.

I found two mediums on FFF that were certified through The Grief Recovery Method. Clearly...there is a thread for me to follow.

Yesterday, I was up past my bedtime. I asked my boyfriend if he'd like to watch something and we both felt like watching a comedy would serve us best after we completed a rewatch of AHS: Hotel last week. He opened up Hulu and I spotted the Golden Girls. I came to find out that my boyfriend is a Golden Girls fan! I had no idea! So...we decided to watch the first episode.

Betty White's character (I'm still learning the characters' names) had one of her first lines letting the audience know that she was a Grief Counselor.

I exclaimed "Dorinda!" ('Dorinda' is our code word to pause what we're watching due to a RHONY reference) and I had to FEEEEEEL this pulsating, magical Synchronicity.

Before cooking dinner yesterday, I was reviewing The Grief Recovery Method's website once again....then this Golden Girls lightning bolt struck in a holographic experience alerting me that this avenue may very well suit my ability to Serve.

Absolutely magnificent!


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