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The Client: Reflections of Yesteryear & Appreciation

I was met with an appreciation for all of the people that I've helped over the last 6.5 years. Various walks of life - no person's energy comparable to another. An Individualized, Harnessed Expression of What Is Seen and Unseen.

My love and I just got back from a walk around the block in that Summer-Time-8pm-Sunlight. We both finished listening to a podcast episode that featured myself (very briefly), but I took part in the orchestration to have these two people meet to chat. They both came into my life at the same time and my respect for them exceeds many that I find traversing this world.

It was a reminder of the Guiding Principle to bring me to those who I can help and work well enough with to create a conducive environment to produce the best stream between me, the person, and the Unseen. One of the people in the chat mentioned above was originally a new client of mine who "randomly" found me while browsing the internet. Any person who schedules a reading with me without any reference point from a person they know sharing their experience in a session with me is...incredibly magickal.

I often discuss how the driving Psychic Wiring drawing people to schedule a session with me is through the power of the referral. Especially in this profession where there is XYZ upon XYZ upon 123 upon 123 upon XYZ123. So when someone finds themselves in my energy field without any reference point beside what is written on my website is...incredibly magickal.

I read people from all walks of life. There are common threads when a new cluster of people schedule with me around the same time and I find that it was because a relative or a friend shared his/her reading experience which piqued the curiosity with whoever schedules with me. I also had spurts of people, more so in 2024 than any other year, who just found me from the internet.

I hope you can tell how deeply I care about my work and to really ensure that my potential and scheduled clients really can get the best experience in a session with me. Clearly my website is detailed and could go into much more detail. Just sharing Knowledge and my Years of reading people professionally and not in a professional reading setting.

It is that this work does not care about any LABELS. It is just the sincere desire of the person that will create the initial stages for a reading. Then there are factors based upon the intentions for the reading, the level of spirit entering a mediumship session, my energy level leading up to the reading, knowledge about how to play one's role in the Psychism Board Game, and many other variables/factors/influences.

But...I'm just sitting here gazing into yesteryear. The varying people from all walks of life with some similar, yet very unique circumstances. I didn't even realize the amount of Spirit People & Animals that I met throughout the years! Spirits are very much an Individual Expression just like we are while in a body on Earth.

It is that magick that cannot be captured in a photograph, testimonial, video, recording, or even in sharing the magick through word of mouth.

It is that Synergy.

I'm truly grateful for everyone I read. Even those who were very rude and unkind to me.

Hearing the "Thank You" and feeling like I accomplished my job well are the magick - the bowtie on the gift.

I never name drop nor try to boast about those I've read. In the end, they (and you and me) are just people with stories and potentials and anchors and influences and spirits and just forever pulsating vibrations of that which my tiny human mind has a hard time comprehending.


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