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The Influencer vs The Oracle

The world of PSYCHISM's Presentation attracts seekers desiring to escape their pain while calling to those who wish to align with their Optimal Path housed on a trajectory of the natural.

I never understood the operations imposed on the presentation of PSYCHISM until Life took me along for a ride - an exposè. Dropping breadcrumbs into my mind tool so I may observe here and there with an intention to provide me with a curriculum so my tiny human mind can learn the destruction of the Sacred Intuitive Arts.

The Influencer is the Joker - the court jester. Taunting the audience to greet their wishes of escaping the wrath of rulership. Reaching into their conditioned beliefs so they can remain comfortable in the daze of their cyclical lives.

I recently watched a few seasons of Parks and Recreation while doing my virgo activities such as washing the dishes and doing maintenance on my aquariums. I watched this show many times and it makes me laugh! Sure it is mainstream and it is laced with the undercurrents of propaganda...but it still cracks me up!

This scene is an Influencer who found Ron Swanson's chair to be magnificent - an item that bastardizes the intention of its creator. Now...if you're familiar with the character of Ron Swanson...he'd greet my work and myself cordially, but reject everything (although you never know). The Influencer disgraces Ron's craft. Later in the episode, the Influencer suggests that Ron's chair be mass produced which leaves Ron infuriated.

We live in a world of the Influencer who is represented by the Hive Mind to further distort the perceptions of PSYCHISM and the Craft. Their role is to further distance people from recognizing and restoring their intuitive muscle. If you were to bring up psychic and mediumistic work to an "average" person, he/she would unconsciously meet the presentation of this work through the conditioned lens of lunacy. Discrediting the craft is the goal.

Throughout the last five years, I've been exposed to con-artists, tricksters, and "delusionals" while also encountering true, genuine psychics/mediums.

The goal is to present this Craft as a pre-school morning cartoon rather than a skill/talent/profession at the same level as every other trade/profession.

Certifications bestowed onto "intuitives" rather than a true testing procedure that allows for a momentum to generate that assists the development of humanity.

Life instructs the blossoming psychic and/or medium. A process to integrate more Soul/Spirit. To begin the process of stripping away the falsities and to engage with descending into one's Underworld to rise like the Phoenix. To learn the mechanics of psychic and mediumistic work while understanding the perception prison.

The Oracle is the symbol of the grandmother who is wise in her years and her skills to perceive the subtle energies. The grandmother offering her services to genuine seekers of help.

Now there is a surge of puppet strings wishing to harness the Craft so that it is subjected to the authority of the Architects.

Whenever I meet someone new, I never discuss my work. I am keenly aware of how a person may be swarmed by the misperceptions and lies conditioned into them to perceive me as a Fool. To see me as the pop-spiritual Influencer spewing foolishness.

This Craft is Sacred and I am also observing the dismantling of the Influencer as more humans are beginning to truly desire sincere, authentic, genuine psychic and mediumistic work parallel to those who fall prey to their bruised ego attempting to climb the social ladder through the bastardized portrayal of PSYCHISM.


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