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The Three Treasures: Definitions

I'm greatly enjoying my study of the book "The Complete Book of Chinese Health & Healing" by Daniel Reid. It is a journey that I could not expect to travel, but Higher Mind knew that it was time for me to dive deep into this realm.

The Three Treasures are Essence, Energy, & Spirit that have a Prenatal aspect and a Postnatal aspect. The goal is to unite both aspects amongst many other poignant strategies and goals.

Prenatal = "Aspects that are the pure qualities which precede birth and infuse the fertilized embryo at the moment of creation."

Postnatal = "Aspects that are the temporal manifestations which develop after birth."

"Spirit is sustained by Energy. Energy is obtained from transformation of Essence. Essence transforms into Energy. Energy transforms into Spirit."

This is all incredibly fascinating so I'm just listing definitions from the book. I really feel like I'll dive deeper as I continue my study along with purchasing the other books that are mentioned in this one. I love the Taoist Alchemy & Philosophy along with the Traditional Chinese Medicine literature.


Prenatal Essence: "Primal creative force of the cosmos. Universal urge to procreate and perpetuate...Each individual receives a fixed measure of prenatal essence from fusion of sperm and ovam."

Postnatal Essence: "Refined and synthesized from nutrients extracted from food and water."


Prenatal Energy: "Aspect is the primal power that pervades the entire universe. Manifests as heat, light, motion, and other universal energies."

Postnatal Energy: "Manifests as, in humans, the various energies associated with the major organ systems, body heat, breath, pulse, and other forms of bioenergetics."


Prenatal Spirit: "The primordial 'Mind of Tao', the immortal soul, the original light of consciousness. The eternal spark of awareness which 'Is not born and does not die.'"

Postnatal Spirit: "Manifests itself as thought and sensory awareness, psyche and personality, ego and the notion of self."

Then there are the Sources of each of the Three Treasures. Where it is stored. How it manifests further into expression....and so much more!

I just...I'm in LOVE.


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