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Things I Learned As A Medium

This morning, I was inspired to write about the things I learned as a Practicing Medium since 2018. This will be brief considering that a detailed description of the knowledge I attained and wisdom I extracted from 6.5 years of doing readings in a professional setting would be the length of a college thesis.

(The penciled drawing of the Angelic Man in the above picture was gifted to me by a client that I read in 2018. She was a brilliant artist who has since transitioned to the Unseen Worlds. The drawing and other items were gifted to me along with a letter from her detailing how much she enjoyed her reading. These items will forever be held close to my heart.)

I don't have any lists planned for this entry so I'm just going to flow with the Muse that inspired me to write.

Each mediumistic reading I do is an encounter with Spirits who are a complete strangers to me. Spirits enter my field to join a reading out of the love they have for their loved ones who schedule with me along with Spirits joining who are not directly connected to a client, but someone else around (Example: Client's friend's mother joins to get a message to her child).

Through my observation, I witnessed the varying communication styles between spirits. How some are exuberant, flamboyant, and really play the mediumistic instrument beautifully. Some are quiet, shy, and provide evidence without performing a stellar show. Some are distant and come to express how they wish to heal wounds with those living on Earth.

Spirits feel like a Separate Entity. They are not of me. They are Foreign Energies who interact with my energy field to provide evidence of consciousness existing outside of the body.

Spirits even interact with the other Spirits by "passing the microphone" in a clear depiction to illustrate that they will let one another speak. Some Spirits even come in like a Cloud and speak over one another. They'll describe those they met while in Spirit form even though they never met while encased in physicality.

How they give me information even varies. Each Spirit is an Individualized Expression. It isn't copy & paste. It is a Communication style which is why Mediumship is Spirit Communication.

I quickly learned how involved Spirits are with their loved ones. They'll deliver information that my client and/or client's family recently experienced and/or events that occurred after Spirit transitioned to the Unseen. Minute details that are just so simple, but meaningful. This is a big factor that helps people to recognize fake mediums - "ungoogable information". Information that is not even posted on social media and I don't even have a social media account so I wouldn't be able to find this information on the internet which I never did nor will I ever do any research on whoever schedules with me.

Spirits will even bring up details and information that my client has no idea about! Information about other members of the family or even experiences that have the potential to manifest in the future.

Spirits are very much Alive while in a different form - Energy Form.

I wrote an article about how mediumistic readings / spirit communication do not involve Spirits providing endless streams of love messages. Spirits join a reading to provide Information.

It is rare for me to receive a message that Spirit loves my client. As John Edward says, Spirits join readings out of the love they have for their loved ones encased in physicality.

I also feel that Love that blankets my energy field after a reading. I'm left in an almost daze of love energy that alerts me to the fact that Mediumship is a Sacred Art formed by Love. They join to help ease the pain that is left after they transition to the Unseen. To help their loved ones progress on their journeys without carrying the weight of grief.

Clearly, we navigate this world under a carefully constructed paradigm that deletes the reality of who we are as Energetic, Divine Beings. So...Spirits join to help us break out of this prison-paradigm with an opportunity to Explore. For the clients to receive a breadcrumb to help them further their curiosity so they can awaken to their Divine, Energetic Nature. A process that takes time considering the bombarding paradigm-dictations that suffocate us each and every day.

I do not know for sure what happens when we discard our physical bodies. I often exclaim how I am not a spiritual teacher. I'm not better nor worse than anyone else. I have many theories based upon what I experience and learn from doing readings.

Red Flags fire up whenever I hear people dictate that they are the Authority, they have all the answers, and that everything is a simple description pertaining to Spirituality.

I simply do not know. I just know that I interact with Spirits throughout mediumistic readings and their presence are Alive in an Individualized Form that is of Energy.

Spirits want us to live and they are with us as we take each step and breath. My tiny human mind cannot comprehend the totality of Reality. I can only piece together clues that I discover to formulate theories that are forever changing.


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