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Updates, Intentions, & Lemons!

Hello, Readers & Clients! It is Cancer-Season, my Sun Sign's home, and I have been following Higher Mind's instructions to pause, review, reconstruct, and remember. This energy has been brewing throughout 2024 which accumulated into the actions of deleting my social media, beginning Piano Lessons (I'm now on my 7th month of lessons!), take down The Light Wizards' Bazaar podcast, and then create and destroy Station 8:17 podcast.

A synchronistic return to 2018 when I began reading for people in a professional setting. A return to my work prior to "creating content" and falling into the idea that content creation is the only path forward for my practice. I learned a lot throughout the last 6 years and I can retrospectively see why I was led down that path, but now it is time for a new emergence!

I'm going to detail to you the Synchronistic Ties which led me to writing this Blog Entry...and let me tell you...writing has always been my favorite way of communicating. Podcasting was fun, but I do believe that it isn't the best medium for me to express. And! I also hate attention so I never was pulled to desire to create a Podcast 'talk show' nor be in the public eye other than reading for people in a private setting.

Yesterday, 6/29/24, I was struck by the Lightning Bolt from Higher Mind to create a Lemon Jar for my home. I don't share much about my magickal workings nor my ever-growing spiritual beliefs/ideas. But! I do find great value in creating with intention for a desired goal and then watching this Realm of Existence respond to my Consciousness.

I drove to the supermarket around 8am to pick up lemons and basil. Then I traveled to Dollar Tree to purchase 6 jars and 7 colored candles.

You can absolutely use this for your own home! I haven't done an elaborate cleansing of my new apartment when I moved in on 1/31/24. I wasn't feeling the inspiration to do anything other than a simple smudging session. So! When Higher Mind gave me the instructions for these Lemon Jars I was excited! It is Craft Time!

Ideally, you will want to have as many jars as however many rooms you have in your living space. I bought 6 jars even though I live in a 1 bedroom apartment. The jars were placed in my living area, my office area, the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, and my closet. If you can only do 1 jar then that is perfectly okay! Follow Higher Mind's pulls and it really is all about the intention.

I washed the lemons and cut them into four wedges so that each of the 6 jars had 2 lemon wedges. I also washed the jars. A white candle was lit and I burned saged throughout this working. Each jar was salted before placing the wedges in them. Basil was sprinkled over the lemons along with more salt. I then took a sprig of sage and burned it in each jar so that the smoke would encapsulate the jar.

While creating the Lemon Jars, I was focusing on absorbing any negative energy that dwelled in my living space. This is especially important if you just move into a space because my lived experience taught me that we absorb energies from everything around us! House Clearings are my favorite service so I may even incorporate Lemon Jars in the offering.

You'll place the Lemon Jars in each room and leave it there for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, you will express gratitude and throw out the ingredients into the trash. Wash each of the jars out and let them dry. Then take the trash to your garbage can that is outside of your home or apartment.

So these Lemon Jars were a Symbol for my new stream that carries me into July 2024. They were a representation for my clearing away of what was so that I have the energetic wherewithal to accept what comes to me - a mixture of my intentions/goals along with the experiences that arrive due to navigating this world. To strengthen my ability to Adapt and to Modify.

My practice is closed for readings in July 2024. I never took off a full month from readings since I began back in 2018. I am not stopping myself from doing readings and Higher Mind will never let me out of sharing my skills to help others. July 2024 also has my Summer Fair which I still will honor and complete, but the fair is on 7/27/24 so I will have a full 30 days without doing readings.

This purpose is to return to my WHY for doing readings which is to simply Help those who request. I wrote a lot about the forces and what not that goes against Psychic and Mediumistic Work...days when it feels like I'm just working against the current where the tide just wants to take me to the depths of the ocean to drown. It comes with the territory. However! Higher Mind knows me and my Guides are very much involved in my path just like your Guides are with your life's path.

I followed the instructions from Higher Mind to purchase John Edward's first book titled "One Last Time". I read his book "Crossing Over" this year and I LOVED IT. I highly respect John Edward. His skills, his knowledge, his experience, and his desire to teach people about the actual work. I recently watch new interviews of him and I was delighted to see him discuss the "Tik Tok Psychics/Mediums" which I have been appalled by. It is just all a Show - Fake. John mentioned how it is just like what he saw in the Psychic Fairs when he worked them in the 80s/90s. I was he me?

It was incredibly validating reading both of John's books. I appreciate how he really talks about Psychism through a grounded, earthy lens along with teaching about the mechanics and artistry of this work. He doesn't inflate himself and his skills and he really showcases Psychism in the genuine, true, authentic reality of the skillsets.

Both of these pictures are from John's book "One Last Time". These excerpts just jumped out at me! It just is VALIDATING for me and that I'm not the only one. I cannot recommend John's books enough especially if you want to learn more about the REAL work and his life's journey.

So! My Guides and Higher Mind instructed me to take July off from read John's remember all of the work that I've done and how many people I have helped. To review my actions and to discard what no longer is working. I learned a lot from the branching roads that I traveled on my journey, but I feel like I'm returning back to my centered Optimal Path.

Throughout July 2024, I plan to update my website! My website has been through many iterations and I created everything myself. No web designer and no AI machine-bot. I actually really enjoy working on my website and I have a list of ideas. I'll maintain my 'clean' and easy navigation, but there will be a little extra to 'modernize' my website.

I plan to launch my reconstructed website in August 2024. I may even have a new domain/URL! Who knows! My calendar will be open eventually to schedule readings, parties, and group mediumship readings. For now, my Audio Reads are still open in case anyone would like that service as I build-build-build.

I feel the newness! Writing this Blog Entry is such a joy for me more so than any other medium of expressing. You podcasts of yesterday...I liked them! But I remembered that I had 3ish years of no online presence when I started my practice and I was growing without the internet! Also, I was looking at some more...let's say "darker" issues that are running amok on our planet which led me exposed to negative energies and people. Let's also just say that my Lemon Jars helped to diminish and erase those negative interferences.

A return! A renewal! A new emergence!

You can email me to be placed on my waiting list to schedule readings in August. I'm going to email those on the waiting list first to schedule their readings prior to opening my calendar.

Thank you for reading and may this post inspire you!

10:13am 6/30/24


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