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Web of LIGHT & Design

6:49am 8-7-22

My biggest takeaway from Oregon is the immaculate design of coinciding incidences that are constructed from an awareness that my human mind may find glimpses to comprehend the delicacy of LIFE.

How could someone exclaim that there is no design? I can feel filters of XYZ responses to life’s challenges coloring the imaginative principles which are for cultivating perception to dial into the majesty. Plucking oneself out of the habitual day-to-day life stream will allow an opportunity to discover the free will choices housed in destiny points.

I mean…I met someone at this retreat who went to the same healer as me. This person also did not intend to go to this retreat until she received an email stating there is one spot left on this experience.

I listened to stories exemplifying how a neutral feeling thought whispered into the conscious mind and then the avatar took advantage of this inner guidance then observed how the web of LIGHT oversaw probabilities.

I think that people are thirstier than ever before concerning TRUTH and their power to interface with ESSENCE. It all begins with training one’s mind into developing a relationship with the higher aspects of self and the helpers which exist outside of the spectrum of experience within human form.

This knowing and wisdom reinforces my understanding that living in the unknown and following through with observing the mind will lead to a link up with our path of highest potential. Our job is to discern between Clarity and Noise.

Our human mind cannot conceive of the intricate formation of events which call to our avatar to link up with ESSENCE.

It is language given to these synchronicities which will assist us with pulling ourselves out of worry by trusting in our power to adapt and to create while we are guided by this web of LIGHT.



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