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Weight Loss: 5 Lessons Learned

Aligning your Will with an Intention gifts you with realizing your Creative Power. Engaging with a weight loss journey is difficult. Life is challenging. You are gifted with the insights to the undercurrents of your unconscious to illuminate the streams of influence cementing you into a habitual/reactive lifestyle tethered to your past. Embarking on a weight loss journey will provide you with the wisdom that can translate into other areas of your life.

#1 Free Will

Contemplating Free Will and whether or not we have Free Will can trigger fear concerning who we are as a human. As you learn about the construct of a personality, you realize that our thought-emotion-action loops are locked into a pattern that develops from an experience and the information that we receive.

Why do you do what you do? Why do you think the way you do? Why do you feel the way you do?

Strengthening our Creative Power requires us to integrate a foundation of knowledge about the make up of our personality construct. Once we learn that we are capable of shifting our mindset and our emotional patterns...then magic can occur!

Awareness and Observation gifts us with the foresight to see what is maintaining an unnatural regularity within our life stream. We are a product of our thoughts, feelings, and actions of yesterday. Are your thought-emotion-action loops just a coping mechanism you developed from a trauma that hasn't released from your mind/body complex?

#2 Physicalized Change

Once you move past the first month of beginning a weight loss journey, you notice the subtle changes in your body. A trimmed waist line. An ability to walk further without needing to catch your breath. You see how your Will formulated a construct in this physicalized world. The translation of an idea through your body to manifest your Will.

I believe that this process alerts your conscious mind to your power to Create. You see the Formula of Creation work and you receive the evidence of the equation. You can then use this Formula of Creation into your career, home, relationships, XYZ. This helps you continue your journey when you have the evidence to review when you are met with another undercurrent of your unconscious wishing to be severed from your life stream.

#3 Building Resilience & Perseverance

I feel that one of the most difficult aspects of beginning and maintaining a weight loss journey involves the resurgence of self-hatred programs. Awful thought-emotion loops which keep you stuck in the lies you tell about yourself. The self-hate thoughts create an emotion which pushes chemicals throughout your body that are corrosive - they do not restore your body.

You will have days that are extremely tough to move through - you'll reject your Will to change and then return to thought-emotion-action loops that are in the process of purging from your life stream. You will have to remain compassionate with yourself while also rejecting the habitual urge to give up. This process builds your resilience and strengthens your perseverance skills. You are dedicating your being to align with Will rather than to embrace stagnancy and/or the thought-emotion-action loops which are of the known reality.

As you continue to pick yourself back up and maintain your weight loss journey....that magic translates into the other challenges of your life where you may wish to give up. Renegading against Victimhood.

#4 Rejecting Society's Agendas

I learned that society created the Barbie/Ken Doll Syndrome to capture the mind/body complex of a person so he/she is just focused solely on the material realm. Capture the perceptions of a person to go to extremes to align with the model of the Barbie/Ken Doll. This divorces a person from moving inward to greet Essence. I've been through this. I look at pictures from a few years ago when I was so skinny and I thought I was the fattest person in a group. Continuous days grabbing the measuring tape and hoping that I trimmed down a 1/2 inch.

The Barbie/Ken Doll Syndrome pollutes the mind tool with an OCD-like characteristic which then destroys the Will further by focusing all of one's attention on an impulse to destroy the body. Counting endless calories/macros. Not enjoying the pleasures of a dessert. The life stream is consumed by an agenda.

There is then society's agenda to pollute the body through poisons found within unhealthy foods and a sedentary lifestyle. To create a movement of Obesity Acceptance so that a person is comfortable with a physical body that is injured. To delete a person from realizing their ability to align with Will and to engage with his/her Creative Power. Then the pharmaceutical industry capitalizes on the dis-ease of the body and which creates a customer for life.

#5 Meeting Self

The ultimate goal of a weight loss journey is to meet Self. To discover who a person truly is beneath the layers of conditioning and undercurrents of trauma still lingering in the unconscious which translates into thought-emotion-action loops.

You are learning how to care for yourself so you may strengthen your ability to love yourself and to not shy away from your challenges. You are cultivating a practice to awaken your Free Will to align with your Optimal Path so you may bring Life back to Earth.

You are gifting yourself with the knowledge of the Psyche - the make up of the personality construct and the Spirit/Soul. You learn that life is comprised of a series of choices and your choice today will translate into an experience in the future.

You are meeting Self as a Creator Being capable of adapting and modifying patterns dependent on the external influence. You are releasing the Past and embracing a Future that you create.


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