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Why Do I Charge A Fee?

I often listen to and read people's criticisms about psychics and mediums charging a fee for their services (amongst many other delusional criticisms based on ignorance) and I believe it boils down to the conditioning mechanisms laced throughout society and culture.

Psychic and Mediumistic services are of the Trade. This work uses a developed skillset just like every other service-based profession. Stating that psychic and mediumistic work are spiritual while denouncing plumbing, cosmetology, and the like as "un-spiritual" is foolish.

Every human has an Intuitive Instrument and the Metaphysical Senses are available, and in use, by every human. Some people are talented in the intuitive arts and developed their skillsets to the point where they created services to assist people navigate their life path.

I've been doing this work professionally since 2018. I started charging very little for readings - $45. I quickly observed that my energy is depleted after a reading along with reading back-to-back without breaks. I learned that I am of no use to anyone if I am drained and the quality of a reading is severely diminished. I would do parties without any time constraints which led me to an experience that taught me that I cannot read for more than two hours in a row...and no more than two hours a day.

It is illogical to believe that I would be able to serve others 8 hours a day, 5 times a week. It would be impossible. Believe me that I desire to work and to serve...that this blog entry is not for a reader to assume that I don't want to work. I have a stellium in my 6th house comprised of Mercury, Venus, Mars, & Jupiter so VIRGO energy is immensely strong in my astrological make-up. I am to Serve and to Work.

I believe that every person should receive an exchange for their time, skills, and energy. Belittling my work to just $45 for a 1 hour session discredits the hard work and dedication I put into developing my skills. I also could never make a living with only $45 per 1 hour session.

I realized that I needed to create a price point for my services that reflect my knowledge, wisdom, and skills while also factoring in my Human-Earthy needs. Psychics and Mediums are just...humans. We are NOT special.

With group readings...that severely drains my energy and I am depleted for one to three days following a group reading. A group reading consists of up to 8 incarnated people that can attend coupled with a numerous amount of spirits attached to each person. It is a high-wired situation that uses my entire electrical being/system to its fullest capacity.

There would be no way for me to sustain my life if I did not have a fee that respected my life. There are many "psychics/mediums" who are not of genuine, authentic PSYCHISM. They are con-artists and prey on the ignorance of the population concerning true intuitive work. I worked with one person at a psychic fair who...let's just say was either knowingly fooling people or living in delusion...and she charged $400 per reading. A rip off considering there isn't any realness to her services.

I also learned of genuine psychics and mediums that charge more than I do and I respect their decision to price their services as they do. I find that most true practitioners of this work charge between $150 to $400 per hour while some famous psychics/mediums charge up to $1000. This is just like any other field and fame can equate to a higher fee based upon many variables.

I feel that my $200 an hour fee is fair and I have no issues charging that. If you factor in expenses and taxes then the $200 quickly dissolves into a much less of an amount that hits my bank account.

I truly love doing this work and I often volunteer my services for free depending on a circumstance. However, my kind heartedness volunteering without a fee does not mean that I will be taken advantage of. Believe you me that I had people try to take advantage of my kindness. This is why I am searching for organizations that would respect me and my work and who will have the appropriate landscapes for me to volunteer. A search that shall continue as I follow the guidance from Higher Mind.

There is nothing fantastical about psychics and mediums nor anything special. It is just a service and a natural skillset that anyone could learn - just some people are born for the work. This work is of the human experience just like you booking an appointment to get your hair cut, needing someone to work on your car, and to have someone come over to paint your living room.


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