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Why Get A Reading? Omens.

6:51am 7-9-22

Why should you get a reading? How can you assign a reading value so that you are willing to pay the fee of a professional psychic and/or medium? Why would you want to sign up for a session when the idea of a psychic reading is very vague?

Readings are as ancient as our planet and cultures of ancient times assigned great value to a reading because the population was very much aware of the mechanics and the benefits. The people understood how a reading worked and the usefulness of seeing an intuitive. Our society today actively destroys the intuitive through XYZ institutions, programs, and doctrines. Our population are in a loop of confusion, deception, and madness.

It is interesting though…as I type this. I am very upfront to my potential clients throughout my website. I state how I cannot guarantee a specific person to join a mediumistic reading. I bluntly state how I nor my client controls the information that I receive. So…if I can’t control what I receive and I can’t guarantee a person of interest to join the session…why would you want to get a reading?

The New Age readers of our time focus solely on the ‘positive’ information with a refusal to mention anything of the Dark. This is dangerous and completely destroys one of the main purposes of a reading – the Omen.

Know that the information coming through me during a reading will be comprised of information for what my client can psychologically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually handle. Information from past traumas and/or insights for current challenges will stream through my mind tool only if my client has progressed through his/her journey enough to withstand the energy housed within the Omen.

A Reading is to HELP and to ASSIST. I will never receive information about a client’s traumatic past in detail unless my client is ready to transmute the energy and/or the energy is already transformed. It will not happen. I will also not receive information about a future Omen unless my client is ready to withstand that information as well.

I feel a lot of resistance for potential clients is their fear that their skeletons will be laid bare throughout the reading and they will be forced to relive XYZ pain. That they will learn about the infidelity of their lover, that they’ll be fired from a job, that their shower’s plumbing will explode….

Your Soul Essence, your Team Light, your Loved Ones will never bring information into a reading that you cannot hold in your being without synthesizing the energy properly, efficiently, and healthy.

The Omen. I know that my job is to say whatever I receive in a way that is not frightening, but also does not diminish the information’s seriousness. When I’m receiving information that my client is unaware of then I relay my next impressions to ensure that these impressions are already known by my client as to confirm the validity of the unknown information.

I want to deliver accurate information to help someone. When I deliver information that is very serious and is unknown then the proceeding songs streaming through my antenna have to be validated as something known in order to confirm the songs streaming that is not recognized.

Preventing my client from receiving the Omen is the inversion of the archetype housed within my being – the Seer. Who am I to judge what I receive? How would I know that my client cannot handle something that I receive? I am never in control and if I receive information of an Omen then it must be honored and shared because of my intention to connect with the highest truth and wisdom of the Universe.

The New Agers who only focus on the rainbows and sunshine without acknowledging the Darkness within themselves and the external….they are the dangerous ones. Getting a reading is supposed to impact a person’s life positively and maybe…just maybe…a person may need to have their intuitive hunches of their partner’s infidelity to be confirmed through the psychic.

I hear stories from my fellow psychic mediums of them saving people’s lives. Them sharing with their client how they need to go to the hospital for their heart right away which then resulted in that client requiring immediate surgery. Many stories.

I’ve shared information which was an Omen, but it saved a person’s life. One example is a client’s grandmother showing me a red car, needing to wear the seatbelt, and an accident. Days later, my client let her friend know to wear his seatbelt. Her friend drives a red car and is known to not wear his seatbelt. Well, he wore it and got into an accident that day. If I were to have judge and not relayed that data…who knows.

I also know that going into a reading with a fear of information uncovered that is labeled as “bad” will affect the quality. An energetic wall will block me from deciphering the energetic blocks preventing my client from his/her highest potential.

I want to illuminate what is operating in my client’s shadow. I want to help them shine LIGHT on that which is hindering their life’s path. I want to warn my client of something that can be avoided.

I will never receive information of something that my client cannot change, prevent, or protect.

Why get a reading? Well…to change your life dynamically, consciously, and positively.



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