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2023 Reflections on Hocus Pocus

Today, 10/7/23, I watched Hocus Pocus for the 1000000th time. This movie came out when I was a tiny tot, but watching it as a thirty-two year old just hit differently this time around.

Little Jake would watch this movie over and over again. Winnie's lightning bolt telekinesis. Sarah's mind control singing. Mary's nose. These abilities fascinated me...which comes to no surprise! Clearly, humans do not have these extra-abilities awakened within our DNA. Could we in the future if our species first awaken and unlock PSYCHISM within the collective conscious mind? Possibly!

I often wonder about the potentials for our species if we simply remember, on a collective scale, how to tap into and develop our Intuitive Instrument. Psychic and Mediumistic skills tied with Telepathy and Telekinesis. Reading "Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain" certainly opened my eyes to the research into PSI from across the ocean in yesteryear. If only mainstream academia could push through cognitive dissonance to take this seriously rather than dive into the land of microchipping the human brain which mimics the actually Body Technology that is organic to our species.

I remember being entranced while watching Hocus Pocus. The vibration of Fall and Halloween time. The crisp air blowing in through my window as the television broadcasts one of my favorite films. A time of Magic and possibility.

Yes, clearly the witches from Hocus Pocus are evil. The main plot is to create a youth-giving potion as it allows the energy of a child to be drained by the evil witches which restores their youth. This would tie into many dogmas and doctrines declaring all Mediumship as Demonic and Evil which is completely false.

A genuine, authentic Medium understands the power of LIGHT - creating a protection shield - anchoring into the Heart - connecting to the DIVINE / GODFORCE / HOLY NATURE / HIGHER MIND.

This movie also has the flavor of the 1990s. The picture not highly focused into the 4K of 2023. Nostalgia for sure, but I realized that these high definition movies of today are harder on my eyes and distracting - almost augmenting the natural expression of life into something more synthetic.

Hocus Pocus brought my childhood mind into believing in possibility. Today's viewing helped me to realize that I really gravitated toward all Witch-Media because that realm gave permission for PSYCHISM to be real (along with X-Men and all other superhuman media).

Spirit. Soul. Manifestation. The alignment with Higher Mind, Inspiration, Strength of Will, and Action. All found under the umbrella of the Witch-Media which I love so dearly.

Clearly...Witch-Media is an exaggeration and fantastical portrayal of what lays dormant in human's DNA. But...but what if we could evolve into expressing our full potential?

I learned very quickly as I emerged into developing my skills that our society has a long way to go to accepting the realness of PSYCHISM. I wish it wasn't so. Although! I know we have come a long way in regards to true, loving psychics and mediums going out into the world to do their work. Just...well, life taught me that this work is extremely polarizing and is met with challenging belief systems which many aren't ready to contemplate their validity.

I watched Sister Sarah singing her song today and it gave me goosebumps! I'm trying to understand why besides how that scene and this movie are like a Children's Horror Flick.

Maybe....maybe Sister Sarah's song symbolizes the ease of how to hypnotize.

A big takeaway from today's viewing is that I see how society Demonizes PSYCHISM and turns the Healer into an Evil Witch. The Witch Burnings of yesteryear in the name of XYZ Dogma / Doctrine. The propaganda to make natural spirit communication and all PSI Abilities as Evil so a person wouldn't cultivate and strengthen the Intuitive Muscle. Nowadays this has also taken form of the Severe Skeptic under the umbrella of $cientism which then fosters organizations and people whose life mission is to attack mediums. I call them Witch Hunters. They really are incapable of registering the Realness and LIGHT from authentic psychic and mediumistic talents. Of course they must have some core trauma that caused them to go down the path to destroy the blossoming realness of PSYCHISM greeting the collective species. I have compassion, but I also understand that Healthy Boundaries and allowing yourself to not be attacked are crucial while traversing this world. We may all be One at the Highest Perceptions, but some people are truly contorted into Darkness while in human form due to many many many different factors.

I still love Hocus Pocus! I will continue to watch this movie because it was a doorway into the Mystical. Its also quite fun and a tamed horror flick. I realized that I really enjoy the horror genre despite closing my eyes through half of a scary movie.

32 year old Jake's perceptions of Hocus Pocus centers around the need to counteract the Demonization and Assaults on the Sacred Intuitive Arts. To truly be an example of the human species Intuitive Instrument through years of practice, study, and experience.


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