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New Direction + Yearly Astrology Reading

I received my yearly Astrology Reading from Athen at Mastering the Zodiac. I've been receiving his services for the last few years and I very much enjoy his work, style, knowledge, and wisdom. The reading popped into my email on 12/17/23 and I listened carefully.

I know the ins-and-outs of Psychic, Mediumistic, & Astrological Readings. I know that when I'm unable to validate certain pieces of information...I keep them in my back pocket. I do not discount them nor do I exclaim foolishness. I sit and I wait.

Well...I just read the transcript of the reading today and it made complete sense because I was patient and followed the breadcrumbs that Higher Mind laid before me such as taking piano lessons again and begin studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He spoke about adopting more qualities of the Healer Archetype into my career/work. He went into the transits of the planets and their effects on my natal chart. What really struck me like a lightning bolt was the notion to not remain cemented in fixed perceptions about how my career should flow. Instead...remain open and patient.

I really enjoy giving psychic and mediumistic readings to my clients...but I cannot help this feeling of desiring more. Now that I'm studying TCM...I feel the FIRE to learn and to grow. Expansion & Passion.

As I'm reading "The Complete Book of Chinese Health & Healing", I was inspired by the Taoist philosophy of becoming clear on Goals, but to remain flexible on the Method of how the Goals will formulate into manifestation.

My goal was, and is, to create a Practice using my developed psychic and mediumistic skills to help others. Recently, Life moved me out of what I thought I'd be doing due to some circumstances that resulted in rejection. I allowed myself to feel disappointed and to not remain in that disappointment nor to become constricted by victim consciousness. I live by the saying that "Life's rejection is God's protection."

So! With my new awareness of a desire to learn more about TCM and Acupuncture...coupled with the insights from my yearly Astrology Reading...along with harnessing my Trust in Higher Mind...I'm left with a new Desire. I'm unsure of the Method of how to go about achieving the Desire/Goal.

If you find yourself reading this entry, remember that Life will shift and change. Transform and guide you onto a new path. To incorporate new insights, new passions, new desires. That you can learn from rejection/disappointment by letting the emotions flow then focus on your intention to follow the breadcrumbs that Higher Mind drop into your Mind Tool.

I did not expect 2024 to begin with me seriously considering going back to school. I'm left with the "HOW?" I mean...literally how can I go back to school when I have XYZ XYZ XYZ.

But...I do know that if something is meant for you then Higher Mind / Holy Nature / Universe / GODFORCE will direct the synchronicities to align XYZ to come into your experience. Higher Mind will also block what isn't for your path so you can be redirected to what is for your path.

When I think about having a practice using PSYCHISM, Acupuncture, & TCM...I am lit by JOY, PASSION, FIRE, & LIFE.

The interesting and curious thing to witness is the moving parts that will align if this really is for me.

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