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2024: Chinese Health & Healing

Tonight, I followed Higher Mind’s directive to grab a book that has been sitting beside my computer desk on a tiny table. This book was purchased in September 2023 after reading it as a recommendation in Doreen Molloy’s book that I read in Summer 2023.


‘The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing’ by Daniel Reid


I was obviously drawn to the book which is why I bought it. But..I haven’t really given it a chance nor read it. Well! Tonight was an unexpected and delightful surprise!


I read the introduction and I was fascinated by The Three Treasures. Essence, Energy, & Spirit. I read through each of their brief introductions and then I thought to myself…I must take notes!


Beside my computer desk are drawers and one of them contains a stack of small journals I received as gifts at various holidays from yesteryear. I grabbed the gray journal, my bag of colored pencils, and a black ink pen then plopped myself onto my bed to study.


If I did not maintain my goal to severely limit my social media activity…aka stop the mindless consumption of uselessness…then I would’ve never had the desire to begin seriously learning something new on top of committing to piano lessons/practice. This was a true example of freeing up our space, discarding distractions, and following Higher Mind’s breadcrumbs.


A study of the Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese. I always had a fascination for the mysticism of the Ancient Chinese. True Sages, Seers, and Healers. My heart is absolutely suffocated by grief when I think about the destruction of the Chinese Land and People due to the tyrannical government that demolished the beauty, knowledge, and serenity of China.


At a point in my life, I seriously contemplated learning Chinese Medicine. I researched schools in my area that would be able to teach me so I can eventually move into that career. It is to return to the Old Ways before the infiltration of the pharmaceutical industry’s take over and infection into our society.


I’m keenly aware of the propaganda laced throughout our world to attack and to mock the Ancient Wisdom & the Old Ways. This is just like the assaults on the Sacred Intuitive Arts and the perversion of PSYCHISM. Same Evil Forces attempting to abolish this Knowledge.


I wonder why Higher Mind has led me to study this book. To really read this book. To Retain the Information. It’ll take me much longer to finish this book than a fiction book, but I realized that I have no need to rush this.


Higher Mind clearly has a purpose for me to begin 2024 with taking piano lessons and reading this book about Chinese Health and Healing. I do believe that I’ll be able to incorporate these into my services so I can evolve in my understanding and help my clients even more as I traverse this new path.


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