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2024: Clearing Out Uselessness

2024 is the year that I am dedicating to clearing out all that is of no use to me. Ultimately, it is a dedication to Self and to implement strategies that will allow myself to THRIVE in a sea of madness.

I just finished 20 minutes of practicing my piano and it is interesting having to orientate my fingers to typing on my laptop's keys versus my piano's keys. I have successfully stuck to my once a week social media usage in the new year. is only the 2nd of January...but! I do know that I would've spent these last two days with miniature blocks of time scrolling through USELESSNESS.

Is it the Sun being in Capricorn? Is it my Intrinsic Motivation to dedicate myself to strengthening what will serve my Optimal Path? Is it a further understanding that my time and energy is sacred and all that I have while in this incarnation is my time and energy? I believe it is a mixture of all three of these questions.

Uselessness is just all that which is distracting me from achieving JOY and cultivating a sphere that will be able to withstand the continual theatrics of our external world (which are designed to lock us into Fear and destroy our creative potential).

I actually had my first day of not engaging with the habitual habit to mindlessly open my phone as my fingers move to the spot where my Instagram app used to be.

Uselessness is Mindlessness.

I desire to move through LIFE with Intention, Focus, Love, and Creativity. All of that is wiped if I allow myself to continue the habit of mindless social media scrolling. This also goes for YouTube content. Majority of YouTube content (especially concerning PSYCHISM) is nonsense. It is just Click-Bait material that is capitalizing on our inner, unhealed wounds. It is the Con-Artist's Magic and Mesmerizing Tactics. To Steal our Sacred Attention.

If you find yourself reading this entry...ask yourself this: "What am I mindlessly devouring in the realm of Uselessness?"

Will 2024 be another year of Mindless Consumption of Uselessness?

Now...I know that the standard calendar adopted by our society is of falsities. The real New Year is when the Sun moves into Aries. Spring. But! I do think the "New Year" is useful for examining how we all spend our moments and where we place our Sacred Attention. This does not mean avoiding difficulties and challenges. Too many people use spiritual concepts to avoid XYZ. We are equipped to manage Light and Dark which is all dependent upon how much we Harmonized our Psychic Wiring and engage in the Great Inner Work.

I choose not to spend my 2024 mindlessly consuming uselessness.


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