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2024 & Social Media

Ah yes...New Year's Resolutions. I listed a few that I feel like are reachable and I think one of the best on the list is to incredibly diminish my social media usage.

I only use Instagram, but I've been on social media since I was 14 during the MySpace days. That is over half of my life compared to those born after social media's introduction as well as those born long before social media was even a concept. 18 years on social media!

This New Year's Resolution is about me limiting DISTRACTION. I like to think I wasn't using social media too much. I may post something each day, but I wasn't documenting my entire life....I was just creating posts that relate to PSYCHISM along with providing any announcements I may have for my business.

But...when I'd open the app...I'd be left there for five to ten minutes of checking everyone's story then going to the feed...and it'd happen throughout the day - many times. How much would the time be if I added those five to ten minute blocks up? Exactly.

I find there is value in social media if you use it appropriately. I enjoy watching some funny videos especially those related to Bravo. However...I don't really see it as anything constructive for my business. This business is about word of mouth and any tacky marketing is not aligned with my integrity/values so you won't see me doing any absurd dances and what not.

So! I am going to limit myself to logging into Instagram only one time per week. Completely doable! I can check my messages and I can create a new post each week.

All of that time I will now save will be directed to reading books, practicing the piano, writing, and whatever constructive projects drop into my mind tool as breadcrumbs.

I just want to be as productive, constructive, creative, and joyful as possible in 2024 as my LIGHT shines against Darkness.

My Instagram account is jjvlightwizard. I even took the link off of my website. It just...I don't see it as a useful tool for me. Maybe one day I will! But for relationship with social media is very strict as this resolution began today! 1/1/24 8:13am

The worst part of this is when my hand just reaches for my phone and goes to open the app even thought my conscious mind knows I deleted the app...oh boy. Habits.


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