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2024: The Year of Music & Books

I decided that I'm going to be incredibly selfish with my attention and consciousness in the year of 2024. I signed up for piano lessons again and they start on 1/4/24! It is the year of finding Joy despite the theatrics of our outer world and this is also an impulse from Higher Mind to free myself from distractions.

I really have been honoring my Pisces Rising despite my years of loathing my Rising Sign's placement. Creativity, PSYCHISM, Music, Books, Dreaming, and the like. Astrological Prejudice as I've heard some astrologers say and don't even get me started on all the hate that is broadcasted to my Sun Sign's placement in Cancer. But! I am choosing to honor these energies and to work through the challenges of those placements.

2023 was a year of reading more books than I did in previous years. I completed the Harry Potter series in 17 days which was MAGICAL. I read the series twice, but this third time was the magic number. I hope to double my stack of books from 2023 in 2024. 'Salem's Lot was another masterpiece. Ubik too. Reading stimulates the Psychic Art Mind along with playing an instrument.

It is difficult to think about how one is to navigate the terrain from the outer world's shenanigans. I'm not blind to Darkness. I'm not blind to my personal Shadow. However, I am choosing to embrace what brings me the most Joy in 2024. My love for playing music, reading, cooking, being with my partner, and PSYCHISM. I admit that I lost a lot of joy when 2020 hit and the manipulation, gaslighting, and trauma which many of us experienced. I am choosing to Recover my Psychic Wiring - to Harmonize my Psychic Wiring.

I cannot remember the last time I was this excited to do an activity. Piano is difficult for me because it brings up all of my wounds...which is a good thing. You cannot change unless you SEE. I realized many of the blocks which influence my rejection of playing the piano and I am deciding to face this challenge. I mean...I work out for almost an hour 6 to 7 days a week so why can't I dedicate 20 minutes each day to play the piano? Seriously.

The monthly payment for lessons isn't something I can't pay for especially if I choose to cut ties with some of my vices...aka distractions.

Playing the piano will also only help my ability to help others because music is the same areas of the brain that I use for my skills. This investment can only better me especially as it will help me strengthen my disciplinary skills.

A new year...2024. I choose JOY despite the parade of intensity plaguing the human species from the overlords in power....despite the corruption and attempted ensnarement of the human species to live in a desolate landscape.

I am choosing to bring Beauty into this world while increasing my ability to help people. I can care less about the subscriber count on my YouTube channel nor my follower account on my Instagram. I don't derive meaning from those numbers.

I value those who ask for my help and my ability to create magic in this world.

2024 is a commitment to Self.


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