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A Molting - Birth of The Service Stage

Summer 2023. I define this period in my life as a Molting.

The Demolition & Refinement of Identity cascading our Collective infused a stream of instruction from Higher Mind / Holy Nature so I may focus directly on how I am best to serve humanity. I dissected the undercurrents of my unconscious - my Underworld - to learn about the twists and turns I traveled along my journey that were tainted by Darkness. Darkness persuading me to seemingly stray away from my Optimal Path via low self-worth & self-esteem. However, humans are able to redirect, refocus, and adapt which led me to my new path with an understanding of the duality / polarity of our world. The Light and the Dark.

The Experiential transmutation from a person consumed by lack of Light, by way of my own patterns of thought and action, assisted me with a greater understanding of our human experience and the influences constructing our personality. The beautiful, benevolence of the Universe and the opposite. Not a Fear-Based Understanding. It is to Honor the Human Experience. Like the great Carl Jung, knowing thyself and seeing the potential for great love and great fear that enables me to be of better service to humanity.

My undergraduate degree is a B.A. in Psychology. I always wanted to help people and my foolish 18 year old self thought I'd become a celebrity psychologist. Little did I know...little did I know the path to come before me with PSYCHISM.

It has been 10 years since graduating from Wagner College and I had to HEAL. I needed to take Accountability for my own personal destruction so I can align again with Essence.

I began my presence online and it has now shed. A shedding - a Molting - that is for me to realize what I am here to do in this world with the time I have left during this Incarnation. Universe provided me a crash course in the theatrics of this world so I develop a greater Compassion for my fellow human. Constructs of Society all the way down to the Individual confronted with choices to honor Self or to go astray until an opportunity finds a person to return to one's Optimal Path.

I was creating content that I still find value in, but the information can be best presented in the Written Word. My favorite passion was, and still is, to Study Myself. To study the PSYCHISM Art and all of its mechanics. I was invited to understand my skills and I am to focus on the Work.

I needed the last 10 years since graduating to Rise like the Phoenix, to attain great knowledge, extract wisdom from my experiences, and to now move with Divine Will.

Summer 2023's Molting is to help me now use my skills as a tool for Healing. I developed my skills to the point where I am to focus my work on helping more than the studying of my skills and those like myself.

I was in an Apprentice stage and now I am born into a Service stage. I will always be studying my abilities because it is a great passion of mine. X-Men! Charmed! All those great fictional works that led my interest into PSYCHISM. I needed that period to Learn and now I learned enough to truly be a part of Healing the Collective. To help people return aspects of their Essence that were chipped away from trauma.

This is the Service stage. To hold the knowledge of the duality / polarity just as the great Albus Dumbledore and Gandalf know about their enemies. It is not Fear Living and it is not Ignorant Living. It is the Spectrum of Human Existence.

This Service stage is about using my skills for Clarity, Guidance, and Healing. The three descriptions that came to me in 2018 when I began to do readings professionally.

This Service stage is similar to those who work in trauma recovery along with specializing in addiction. Those healers must be aware of the Darkness that leads abusers to enact their heinous acts and to understand what leads a person to develop a serious substance abuse addiction.

Summer 2023's Molting is to align with the Service Stage.

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