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'Becoming Supernatural' - Weight Loss Journey

Higher Mind instructed me to focus my instagram account on posting books that assisted me on my journey thus far which resulted in Dr. Joe Dispenza's "Becoming Supernatural" to be the star of today. After finishing my strength training session, I realized that I applied his teachings to my life way before I even heard of him and his work.

The pictures above are two photos stitched together from 2013 which was my senior year in college - the time I was consumed by my Underworld / Unhealed Trauma / Darkness. I spoke about this massive weight loss gain and what led me to that state of mind/body in other posts. After graduating college, I looked myself in the mirror and took accountability for my actions, thoughts, and emotions. I needed to change and I cultivated the intrinsic motivation to have the courage to embark on the path into the Unknown.

The internal desire catapulted me into a new state of being - mind/body - even though I was not seeing the results nor receiving the immediate gratification for my efforts. A weight loss journey is a complete lifestyle change that is more than just what you eat and how long you move your body.

Every morning, I needed to embrace the path of the Unknown so I would not fall prey to the same emotions and thoughts (influencing actions) from the day before - the years before. I had to Break the Habit of Being Myself and Become Supernatural.

After reviewing "Becoming Supernatural" this morning, I realized that I was building a new neural network and I was reconditioning my body (The Subconscious Mind) to harness all of my energy into the Unknown - my new path.

Despite the external world and the physical manifestations, I was becoming a new person. Each day I forced myself to resist dipping back into the same thoughts and emotions which led me to the obese state of mind and body. I had to be willing to reprogram my mind and body to the person I wanted to become. There were Blue Days, but my continuous efforts translated into a physical manifestation of my body.

The alignment of Will with Action to create Change.

Today reminded me that I strengthened my mental discipline to resist creating thought-emotion loops tied to my false beliefs that I was unworthy, a piece of shit, despicable, and all the other words one says who is caught in a spelling of terror when reflecting on one's life and all of the regrets.

This mental discipline was building a new habit. I developed the habit of exercise and I modified what I ate and drank. I also had to resist the pull to shame myself for gaining all of the weight back (and more) that I lost while in High School. That...that was a thought-emotion loop which was difficult to break. I actually am still working through the regrets, shame, and guilt from my college years and I still have nightmares of my College Days that plague me in dream-time.

When you realize that your body becomes addicted to emotions - your body craves the familiar chemicals that are birthed from habitual realize that your body will create a thought within your Mind Tool to produce the emotion which releases the known chemicals that your body (Subconscious Mind) desires.

I feel like these book instagram posts are to remind me of teachings that assisted me and that Knowledge is Power. When people have the Knowledge...they are able to create great change in the inner-personal world which radiates Light into the external-collective world.

The world will only change when each individual begins the Great Inner Work.

It is the cultivation of Will to commit to a new state of mind/body/beingness. To build a new habit of thought and emotion despite the external circumstances. You are regaining your energy and then through this process you are signaling to the cosmic world that you are in the Unknown and new experiences will come to you.

Also! Your Intuition becomes online when you release your energy from the habitual thought-emotion loops from yesteryear. You are embodying more Essence into your body and you are restoring your Intuitive Instrument.

Maybe...just maybe you'll find what you are seeking through Dr. Joe Dispenza's work.


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