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Cocktail Hour: Spirits Joining My Field Before Readings

Before a mediumship reading (individual or group), the Spirits begin to blend their energy field with mine as an Introduction. They tap into my energy field to learn my Psychic Wiring. A "pre-phase" or a mingle - its like the cocktail hour before a wedding reception.

Why do they do this? Let's also think of this like the members of an orchestra playing the last run through of the show. Spirits are learning to play the Medium Instrument that is flavored with the Songs available in my Frame of Reference and Lens of Perception.

Spirits desperately wish to provide evidence that they are still very much alive to their loved ones! They need to familiarize themselves with my symbology and the other energetic data stored in my Psychic Wiring. This pre-phase is them practicing their dance moves, practicing the Medium Instrument's scales, and running through their vocal exercises.

I cannot prepare for a reading other than just to ensure I'm in the space to work. However, Spirits can and will prepare for a reading.

Throughout my day-to-day experience, my Mediumship Buzzer is blocked from any Spirit wishing to buzz in to my energy field. I don't move around and perceive spirits. If I do, it is just a subtle sense of Spirit Energy almost akin to you walking through the aisles of a book store without taking a book off of the shelf to read.

In my earlier days, I often wondered how this all works, why this all works, and I twisted my brain too hard through theorizing. I couldn't grasp how my day to day life wasn't plagued by spirits and then spirit communication all of a sudden happens when I have a client requesting a mediumistic reading. I'm incredibly curious! I desire to know! I want to learn the ABCs and 123s.

Team Light / Higher Mind / Holy Nature / Whatever label you want to call my unseen helpers, explicitly told me that I would not be able to function in this reality/realm if my Mediumship Buzzer was always open for spirits to press. My physicality also wouldn't be able to handle the electrifying states that encapsulates mediumship if I was constantly at the mercy of the Buzzer.

I learned to just accept the Mysteries as they are and that my tiny human brain is extremely limited in conceptualizing and understanding.

During the cocktail hour, dress rehearsal, last practice...I just start sensing Spirits. It is Faint. It is Subtle. It is just a Presence I perceive within my Mind Tool. I get snippets of information which would be like you reading the front, back and sleeve of a book. A Preview. These Perceptions are just there. I don't Think about them. I don't Manufacture them. It is just There. It is just walking into a room and seeing an object except that you're seeing with your Third Eye. Its...its just like...There. I can't describe it any other way. You'll know what I mean when you begin your Psychic Development and you know what Flexing your Intuitive Muscle feels like. The impressions just Flood into your Mind Tool through Passive Formulation.

These "Preview Impressions" are really just like taking attendance. I don't Perceive every spirit who will eventually join the reading especially if it is a group reading. They let me know their sex and age bracket. Sometimes I learn how they transitioned. Some of their characteristics. Maybe a letter or a name associated with them and/or their family. Other details as well like their profession, struggles, and more.

This Pre-Phase is necessary. Spirits want to ensure that I'm aligned with their Consciousnesses so I can do my job adequately and proficiently.

I have a group reading this evening and I woke up this morning with Spirit. I do is quite invasive, but I choose to offer my mediumistic services so I don't mind when the cocktail hour begins the day of the reading. Sometimes...a spirit may come days before a reading, but I do shoo them away since I'm not ready to work.

The Sacred Art of Mediumship is dynamic and exciting! I never know what will happen. I can't plan anything. I just need to show up.


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