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Depths | Alice Bailey

Last night, I wrote an entry in my journal about Exploring the Depths. The Oceans of the Psyche, but now more so to submerge within the Plains within Plains. Gigi Young's recent lecture, Electric Apocalypse, inspired me to further excavate the Sub-Plains within Plains.

Jung enveloped my recent Oregon stay. Spirits let me know that "Jung Was/Is Right" when they came to me in the morning to provide information for the intention of my trip. Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss was a breadcrumb to get my feet wet until a friend let me know of her recommended books of Jung's work. I still plan on reading through the Library of Jung...but...I was drawn to my Alice Bailey books.

I had a reading with Lauda Leon back in February 2023 and Alice Bailey's energy streamed through which led me to purchase 8 Alice Bailey books. I dipped my feet into them, but I didn't stay for too long. I see now that I wasn't ready to read them until now.

I feel like this mirrors the crystals that were gifted to me. Moldavite, Siberian Blue Quartz, and Yttrium Fluroite. A PSYCHISM Deepening & Submergence into the Sub-Plains within Plains.

Gigi's video inspired me to also list Steiner's work on my list of books to purchase. I was juggling Jung & Steiner, but Bailey is calling to me now.

It is a Deepening. My Consciousness Expanded through receiving Knowledge during my recent Oregon stay and I'll never go back. So! To further Expand/Evolve/Submerge...I must travel back to yesteryear to the Mystics.

This morning I resumed my twice-a-week strength training sessions. I used to loathe strength training until I built more muscle and I felt relief as I exercised my muscles. Deepening into my Muscular & Skeletal Systems. There is nothing about the Barbie/Ken Doll Syndrome within my exercise routine. It is about Strengthening my Mind, Body, & Soul Connections.

I purchased these adjustable Bowflex dumbbells back in 2017 and they are one of the greatest tools for my Evolution. It is to exercise the Sub-Plain within Plains of my Human Structure. Also, the endorphin rush is lovely and I don't see any issues with wanting to have my Human Structure aligned with Vibrancy & Vitality.

To Explore the Depths.


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