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Updated: Nov 18, 2023

I followed inspiration from Higher Mind to record transmissions about Exercise so I'm listing them here as they are created.

Exercise 1

Hello, Light Wizards! This quick lil transmission is about Exercise. Saturn is now Direct (about to conjunct my ascendant) and I felt inspired to go back to the gym after 2 years of using my exercise bike. Believe you me…I’ve been through both extremes. Obesity and consumed by the Barbie/Ken Doll Syndrome.

Using the Tool of Exercise for the mental health benefits (and physical benefits) cannot be ignored. As well as the PSYCHISM benefits. Exercise helps you to Tune out the physical sensory inputs so you can focus your awareness on the metaphysical sensory inputs in your Mind Tool.

I highly recommend you to cultivate an exercise routine in a balanced way to reject the extremes and to create a space to Receive INSPIRATION 🔥

Exercise 2

Hello, Light Wizards! This quick lil transmission is about You meeting You meeting You via an exercise routine which is an extension of psychic development.

You are strengthening you disciplinary skills. You are Initiating yourself through a Power Choice.

Your true Intrinsic Motivation will help you Persevere as your Psychic Wiring is illuminated on your conscious mind so you can change.

The Rewards you receive, what you learn, will translate into every area of your life.

You are learning how to depend on yourself and it truly is a necessary component for genuine, authentic psychic development.

The Year of 2024 & Exercise

Hello, Light Wizards! The energy of 2024 is beginning to pool in my mind tool to provide me with previews. But! This transmissions is how the year of 2024 is encouraging you to develop a healthy, balanced exercise routine which will only benefit your life.


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