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Exercise: Extracting Venom

I returned to my morning routine today after gifting myself with a four day break. My years in the Barbie/Ken Doll Syndrome would not allow that, but thankfully I grew out of that wiring. I wouldn't even allow myself a break when I injured my foot!

I pierced through a new veil for deeper insights as to why a healthy Mind/Body practice assists us with aligning more with our Optimal Path. A Healthy Mind/Body Practice - Mental & Physical Exercises - Extracts Venom from our Psychic Wiring.

I perceived this as the alleged strategy when a person is bit by a snake and there is no chance of receiving an antitode. When a person sucks out the venom and spits it out. That is what Exercise can do - Extract the Venom.

The Venom would be all that we absorbed while traversing this realm. The absorption of Group Think, Falsities, and all the poison that distracts us from doing the Great Inner Work to align with our Optimal Path.

Dr. Joe Dispenza's work states that the Subconscious Mind is in the Body. How we are addicted to our emotions since our body craves the chemicals that it is used to through repetitive thought-emotion loops. That to truly change one must get into the Subconscious Mind to de-condition onself from the body's urge to feel those chemicals. To nullify the body's tricks to produce the thoughts in the Mind Tool which would release those chemicals that it craves.

Venom of the Drivers in our Subconscious Mind that manifest as destructive choices to what the Universe presents to us. How we Self-Sabotage and live in the culturally accepted ideology of Victim Consciousness so that we are comfortable with maintaining a life that is against our Spirits' intentions.

I got to the gym this morning exactly when my caffeine buzz kicked in and it was a delicious experience. Feeling my body move on the elliptical while handling the resitance just in time for my mind tool to submerge into Imagination in line with my favorite tunes. The Mental Work to Extract Venomous Thought Patterns and replace it with positive reinforcement, excitement for the unknown, and constructing a healthier sense of self-esteem.

An Exercise Routine solely focused on benefiting the physical body does not compare to an Exercise Routine intended to work on the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies. To Extract the Venom that is lingering within our Psychic Wiring so we align with our Optimal Path via Individuation, Self-Acceptance, and a developing state of Perceiving Self as an Extension of the GODFORCE.

To must Extract the Venom.


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