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Fear of Success: Self-Sabotage

I'm going to use my recent revelations of Self, the undercurrents of my unconscious, as an example of how we sabotage our success because of Fear. Higher Mind instructed me to reach out to a friend of mine to see if she needed any help for restaurant readings. I was swarmed with Fears which installed an illusionary, catastrophic vision of what could be...but it was a lie.

I stopped doing restaurant readings in 2021. When I received the download from Higher Mind...I had to sit with this and examine a deeper aspect of why I think the way I think. I journaled and received the instructions to do a simple Pro/Con List. Simple and effective! The Pros outweighed the Cons. I examined the Con List...and it was all FEAR. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of being judged. Fear of not controlling a situation. Fear Fear FEAR. I realized that I allowed FEAR to destroy my success.

You may have heard me discuss how I don't like to do psychic fairs and restaurant readings. On some level this is true. 15 minute readings are just "previews" - the engine just gets started. What I realized is that I just want to ensure that I am comfortable. However, this comfort-level was to keep me safe...but that is absolutely foolish. I had to talk myself into doing the restaurant readings again. I examined the Pro List and realized that the benefits of doing those readings tremendously assist me with my work.

Ideally, I would have time to provide my opening speech so the person's expectations and perceptions can align with the reality of these abilities. I can't do that otherwise five minutes of the fifteen minute readings would be lost. All about comfort! I had to examine how my Cancer Sun Sign actually may be hindering my potential for success if I allow the unbalanced characteristics to take control. "Needing" a safe environment. "Needing" XYZ to be on the floor otherwise I won't do a good job.

My thought patterns and exaggerated emotions were non-sensical - foolish.

I record episodes for The Light Wizards' Bazaar as an extension of my business along with my blog entries. I learned that gaining clients through the internet isn't going to work well because a person doesn't have the experience of me reading them or a referral from someone that I read. The episodes and the entries are fun for me so I intend to continue to do them, but without any expectations. They just go out into the Universe and will greet whoever they are supposed to greet.

I realized that, underneath it all, I was allowing Fear to sabotage my potential. To destroy my ability to restore Life back on Earth. To delete how I can be seen by others. It all ties into the vulnerability I'd share with a new client that has never heard of me before until he/she sat down at the restaurant's table.

I had to see the wounded inner child within me which influences my thought-emotion-action loops while housed in an adult body. When I close my eyes, I still feel like a seventeen year old boy. When I look into the mirror...I see an almost thirty-two year old man. I forget that I have the ability to stand up for myself. That I'm able to exercise my response to a situation. That I must renegade against the undercurrents within my unconscious that are just coping mechanisms I developed to ensure that I am safe.

Intuition is intended to break us out of our comfort zone so we can jump into the unknown. I needed to listen to Higher Mind's instruction to participate in restaurant readings again.

This time, I shared with the guest that we only have a short time together so I asked if he/she would like spirit communication or life path information. I really loved the experience! It is a THRILL. Reading 9 people back-to-back. People I never read before who had no idea I existed until they sat down at the table. It strengthens my skills and creates new streams of potential clients.

I ended up reading a co-worker of mine from my Olive Garden days! It was a beautiful reunion! We lost touch over the last few years and she actually had me appear in her mindscape a few days before the restaurant event! When we locked eyes...that was just a kiss from Higher Mind encouraging me to continue to do my work while rejecting FEAR.

Are you afraid of success? Are you allowing the undercurrents of your unconscious dictate your potential to evolve? Maybe this post may illuminate how Fear is controlling your life and keeping you within the comfort of known reality that is blocked from growth.

I recognized that I was thwarting my ability to grow. I was. The simple Pro/Con List radically shifted my perceptions and gifted me with an understanding of the inner work I am called to do next.


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