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Fishbowls & New Age Traps! Filter With Knowledge.

9:17am 6-29-22

The New Age philosophy is laced with many truths inverted into information that renders a person docile. I fell for many New Age traps throughout my journey which assisted me with understanding how psychological operations infiltrate communities in order to confuse followers into a flaccid, pacifist nature.

One of the most dangerous ideologies broadcasted through New Agers teachings is to ignore the bad things in a person’s personal life as well as the world stage. To keep a person locked in a mindset that the badness of their life will fade away as they shift focus. An installation of an active disassociation concerning the very real challenges facing a person.

Thinking positive thoughts and avoiding the embodiment of bravery to overcome difficulties.

I remember when I started a day job back in 2019…I wouldn’t acknowledge it. People asked me what I did and I would not disclose any information regarding this job. I believed that not speaking or bringing attention to that which I do not like will allow for it to fade away.

I also remember times when I would bypass the discipline required to override conscious and subconscious programming. I was schooled into believing that thinking just positive thoughts would eradicate any external issues.

There is great value in not focusing in on that which is causing you difficulties. However, this process is not to ignore that which is troubling. It is to identify the issue and then allow space in the mind tool to receive inspiration which then requires healthy action.

I akin this to a fishbowl. The fish swimming is our avatar and the waste product is our thoughts focusing on negative experiences, behaviors, and beliefs. A fish can handle small amounts of waste in their enclosure. They are built to withstand water parameters that are less than ideal. This means that we can identify and bring light to our challenges, pain, trauma, XYZ without leeching off our life force. The problem is when we consistently focus on negative XYZ without allowing the space in our mind tool to receive insight.

Our task is to acknowledge difficulties and to acknowledge our power to overcome challenges through acting on inspiration. To allow our fishbowl to have small amounts of waste and the filter mechanism would be our knowledge of our power to transform and to transcend.

The purpose of this post is for you to remember that positive thinking and right action is so very necessary to install the proper hardwire into our being. To remember that shining light on our internal/external issues is a requirement for fully immersing our spirit within this human experience.

Release any fears you may have concerning the act of bringing awareness to our issues. The New Age teachings dictating that focusing on any amount of negativity reinforces more negativity into your life. There is a danger with solely focusing on the negatives with a belief that transformation is impossible.

We are built to adapt and to transmute challenges into victories. Allow space in your mind tool to bring forth solutions.

A small amount of waste in the fishbowl is natural, however, a fishbowl dirtied will drain the lifeforce. It is time to balance ourselves and to remember our creative, adaptive potential.



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