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Helping Humanity: Intuitive Instrument Realized

I often struggle with determining how best I am to support humanity with my skills via the way I discuss the usefulness of PSYCHISM rather than regurgitating the script that "your loved ones in spirit love you." I feel like that goes without being said nowadays. I very much believe, and KNOW, that your loved ones who are housed in energy form are very much alive and they do love you.

The struggle of aligning with the "standard medium template" discussing the love and light from the Unseen Worlds. Do not get me wrong, like I said previously, I absolutely do know about the Absolute Love from the Divine. But! I just...I'm not really that type of person or...I'm not that interested. Yes, mediumship gifts a client with evidence of consciousness existing outside of the body. That your loved ones did not obliterate into nothingness.

But! I just...I'm a Sci-Fi / Fantasy guy!


I always loved Superpowers. I loved all media with super human abilities. So when my PSYCHISM started to emerge...hello X-men!

I find it more fascinating and much more interesting to discuss the Art and the Mechanics of Psychic & Mediumistic Abilities. The Human Intuitive Instrument. How a person can enter a mild trance state to receive accurate psychic and mediumistic information. The Clairs. Timeless Vision. Physical and Emotional Sensory Psychic Inputs. Prophecy. Everything PSI.

I feel like if I were to market my services without impregnating my words with my fascination then I would be inauthentic. Trying to be as much of myself as possible since I just am completely astonished with the reality of PSYCHISM.

I never would've imagine my life to turn out the way it did. I did not expect anything psychic nor mediumistic to emerge. I really had no idea what the reality of these skills were within the human species. I just had a fascination.

I feel like my role is to offer my services while also showing humanity the Intuitive Instrument.

If our species were to recognize the very realness of our Intuitive Instruments then we would be living in a different world. We would all be so empathic. We would be able to read energy. We'd be in communion with the Spirit World. We'd unlock the technology of our bodies rather than going down the path of inputting a microchip into our brain to mimic the actual body technology.

We are not supposed to use external technology for amazing feats. Our body is programmed with Divinity and an Intuitive Instrument.

I'm just a geek. I feel like my role is to really shine LIGHT on the POWER of our Intuitive Instrument and the amazing feats we can do as a Human.


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