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2:23pm 7-2-22

The opening day for Fourth of July weekend displayed occurrences synchronistically tied around a central focus of interference with the human avatar’s thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. This dovetails off of my week integrating psychic self-defense information, occult hostile forces, and themes illustrated through The Craft.

As I type, “House Call” is playing showing the scene where Paige uses her whitelighter powers to glamor into the bride-to-be of Paige’s friend Glen. This episode focuses on the Charmed Ones call to a Witch Doctor to assist with clearing the entities birthed by the lingering energy of demons vanquished at the Halliwell manor.

Firstly, we observe this leftover energies take form into banshee-like beings which display poltergeist behaviors by messing with items along with inflicting pain on the dwellers of the home. The Witch Doctor clears the beings and then decides to infiltrate the Charmed Ones.

The Witch Doctor uses personal items of the Charmed Ones to hex them by exaggerating their character faults to override the human-avatars’ operations through obsessive and impulsive behaviors. The corruption of Paige’s whitelighter abilities definitely shows how these occult hostile forces desire to invert the Light aspects housed within the human-avatar.

Interestingly, this week’s weekly forecast referenced this episode of Charmed for the middle of the week. Information came through regarding rearranging furniture and what not to remove the thought-forms which were birthed through uncleansed, dense energies within a dwelling.

This morning I went on two separate walks around my neighborhood while listening to ‘Hyper-Dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment’ on Veil Of Reality’s YouTube channel which added more layers of these teachings surfacing throughout my week.

We see that the Charmed Ones overcame the hex by tapping into their heart center. This is our true power and the strongest ‘brain’ we have. It is our job to be aware of the attacks that humans and non-humans use through mental and emotional manipulation translating into self-destructive behaviors. Our unhealed wounds are entry points for psychic attacks to use as kindling to the destructive fire.

This post just continues to add to the synchronicity of this week’s events and to showcase occult teachings even more so through media.

I realize that Charmed really does have many truths that we can extract as we watch the fantasy program.

May we all just live in awareness and begin to observe our thought patterns to discern between what is ours and what is Light and Dark influences.



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