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House Clearings

I'm going to detail the process I do during a House Clearing. House Clearings are my favorite service! It is an accumulation of all my skills that I use to lift the dense energies so a house can become a home/sanctuary.

To be clear - you do not need me to clear your house. You can do this practice on your own and I let my clients know what to do after I finish working.

You would hire me if you'd like to receive my psychic impressions concerning the home/land along with energies surrounding you regarding your past, present, and future. I also open my mediumistic skills to relay information and messages from your loved ones which also assists us with increasing the Divine Energy to anchor into your space. And...of communicate with spirits housed in your home which are tethered to the land so they can be guided to their next journey.

My House Clearing service weaves together my skills to provide information and authentic spirit communication. You receive information that you're consciously aware of that can be validated the moment I relay along with information which will require you to do research as well as to wait and see what may come into your life in a future experience. It is a Reading of the land, you, and bringing through your ancestors.

My process is incredibly simple.

  1. I use a Black Obsidian Knife to sever the energetic chords encased within your dwelling. I start with the lowest level of your house (or business) and glide the knife in every corner. I will start to receive psychic impressions concerning the dwelling, the objects, and the land. I move through the entire home and continue to speak as I receive and I usually find that your loved ones pop in to join our cleansing process.

  2. I then shred my sage sticks and put them in a ceramic bowl. The herbs are ignited and I waft the air with a turkey feather. We move through the same path as we did with the knife. Every room we enter has the windows open (if there are windows) and the front door is opened to allow the smoke/energy leave.

First and foremost, before I start working, I say a prayer aloud. I protect us as we move through the energetics that are constricted and confined to the property. I ensure that there are no attachments and that we are not harmed. This is paramount. Any working must require a commandment of Protection and to invite the Divine, Holy Nature Energies to augment our Practice.

An incredibly simple, yet effective, process! You can easily do this on your own and you do not need to continue hiring me to do so unless you would like my skills.

I am a Reader of Energy and a Communication for Spirits.

If there is a spirit attached to your home then I will attempt to divine the reasons as to why the spirit dwells then begin the process to disconnect them while encouraging them to move to the next journey. It is a compassionate banishment, however, a more firm commandment will be used if the spirit is vibrating at a low-level.

I find that House Clearings also remove Thought-Forms. Thought-Forms are created by continuously empowering thought-patterns (mental & emotional energies) over time which then almost come to life on their own. They may resemble a Poltergeist and create paranormal activity. This is why my the 1st step in my process is crucial so the chords are unbound and severed.

I'll say it again....House Clearings are my favorite service that I offer! I witness the psychic information funnel through my Mind Tool / Lens of Perception / Frame of Reference and I am still shocked to this day how I can receive information that I have no idea about. Architecture, Plumbing, Appliances, and the like. I'm not an engineer, but the information uses whatever it can for me to understand the meaning accurately, easily, and proficiently.

We are Electrical, Energetic Beings. Everything is Energy. Houses and Businesses are charged like a battery with the mental and emotional energy given off by all those who frequent the space. It gets "caked onto" the space like layers of asphalt. The energies then interferes and influences the thought-emotion loops and energy fields of all who pass through which is why a regular hygienic practice for your home and business is paramount to a synergetic, harmonious space.


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