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How Can A Psychic Reading Help You?

This entry is intended to explain the orchestrations of a psychic reading which are designed to assist you on your life's path.

Psychic Readings involve a developed, genuine psychic receiving the energy field of a client to decode the present momentum of energy building within a client while relaying evidential information housed within the Past, Present, and Future.

Psychics read the energy and provide evidential information of the energy which has taken, or possibly will take, form into a Noun/Experience which is within the conscious awareness or lying within the unconscious of a client.

The client's highest potential, Optimal Path, is illuminated within the psychic's mind tool. A skilled psychic aligns with the intention to help a person while remaining in integrity to not edit or judge the information that is received. A skilled psychic is also aware of the mechanics of psychic abilities and informs the client about the experience so the client is capable of using the information relayed as a tool.

Practicing psychics each have their own flavor added onto the human's innate ability to decode energy. This is similar to all painters who are skilled in using a tool to paint onto a medium. The painters have a unique artistic flair working through their artistry. Psychic abilities' mechanics are present within genuine psychics, but each psychic is individual - it is their Craft.

For myself, I learned that my skills evolved throughout my development which began in 2009. I observed how psychic information appears through the lens of visions, words, names, letters, dates, symbology, feelings, etc...which evolved into a finer tune as my intuitive muscle strengthened. I noticed that an Energy Forecast was birthed after years of engagement and the energy forecast is to decode the energy momentum that is building within a client.

Before I go any further... I must emphasize that psychics are Tools and the information delivered will be dependent upon the actions a client takes following the reading. The future is written in pencil and predictions (unknown information shared during a reading), that are received then relayed to a client, are based upon the current energy at the reading. Psychics aligned with integrity continue to do their work because of the evidence they received from people they read who validated unknown information that was delivered during the reading. No psychic is 100% accurate - there are many factors involved which I share throughout my blog and podcast. However, the percentage of accuracy is heightened and consistent across a psychic's journey reading for others.

Every reading is unique, but there is a standard system that occurs during my readings. I receive an entire energy forecast that applies to a select period of time or an energy forecast that is broken down into several periods of time. This is the beginning link between me and my client. I experience the energy forecast mainly through symbology coupled with a psychic knowing of the period. The symbology speaks to me through psychic knowing and I decode the visuals of the imagery.

While I receive the energetic data of the forecast, I am also presented with information that is channeled through two groups: consciously aware and unconsciously known. This is the evidential information that is outside of the energy forecast. The information has either occurred in a client's past/present or is a possibility in the future. The energy has either taken form into a Noun/Experience or it is lying dormant in the future.

I could break down this further, but The Experience page provides great details about the experience of a psychic (and mediumistic) reading.

Basically, a psychic reading is to show evidence to a client that the psychic is in his/her energy field with information that can be validated the moment it is received and relayed by the psychic.

How does a psychic reading help you? There are many reasons so I'll try to anchor them down into this entry as well as continue to add after this first draft.

A psychic reading is to illuminate your strengths so you can alchemize your present challenges into experiences that assist your evolution so you may align with your Optimal Path. To help guide you with clarity so you can adapt and modify your thought-emotion-action loops.

Your present challenges may involve current experiences that are difficult to navigate which may actually be woven with subconscious programming that are waiting to have light shine on them and then severed. A skilled psychic will assist you with identifying a root cause while receiving and relaying steps that will help you rise with love, strength, determination, healing, and courage.

Psychic information encapsulates a broad spectrum of topics. Child custody issues. Problems with your job. Self-defeating internal language. Moving/housing crises. Relationship difficulties. And so much more!

The psychic will receive evidential information that you can confirm is related to the subject. Bytes of energetic data that you are aware so you can validate that this is the same subject, setting, and time that you know. This is to demonstrate to you that the psychic is receiving the energy, you are aware of what is coming to the forefront of a reading, and that you can have more confidence in the information that you are unaware of at the moment.

Psychic readings are also to illuminate potentials that may arise in which you are guided to prepare for while receiving instructions on how to navigate the new terrain. The Omen is of value. A skilled psychic will deliver the information compassionately without activating/triggering fear/paranoia.

I realized that psychic readings also gift you with validating your own intuitive hunches and to encourage you to continue with trusting yourself and where you are led on your unique journey. A sense of relief as you realize that you were picking up on valid intuitive information - a realizing that your internal guidance is engaging with your conscious mind.

You will never be able to validate everything that a psychic shares with you. However, you will be able to validate the majority of what the psychic receives and relays. Now...a psychic cannot read everyone the same which is based upon the energetics involved in a reading along with each reading being catered to the individual's present energies. I continue to do this work because it is consistent and reproducible. I describe the experience/process of a reading in great detail so my clients are aware of what to expect, how to use me, and how psychic (and mediumistic) information functions.

Ideally, I can help everyone. But, there are some readings that the energy is not linking properly resulting in a sub-par reading that I deem to not be my best work. If a client is unable to validate/confirm the information that I receive within the first fifteen minutes then I will issue a refund or offer to reschedule. This is the profession and it doesn't happen often - it is quite rare. However, if this does happen then it is in my professional opinion that the reading must not continue until a new date is selected or to issue a refund.

A psychic reading can help you with navigating your current energies and to align with your Optimal Path. To help illuminate what is necessary to clear and guidance on how to achieve harmony. I continue to do this work because of the experiences I have with clients and the evidence I receive regarding the psychic (and mediumistic) arts.


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