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How to Help your Psychic/Mediumistic Child

I was inspired to write this entry to provide you with strategies, guidance, and tips to help your child who is having Psychic and/or Mediumistic Experiences. As a practicing psychic medium, and now retrospection taught me about my childhood experiences in a new light, this phenomena is a very real experience which has been through numerous research studies housed in true Science without $cientism. I'm writing to the Parent who is able to push through Cognitive Dissonance and who is willing to explore an aspect of the human experience.

I could write down the foundation/framework of our world that has led humanity into this incredible dense state of Materialism along with the assaults on the Sacred Intuitive Arts. You can explore my Psychic Development Circle for more information because I don't want to dive deeply into the mechanisms of our world since this entry is to provide you with some suggestions to help your child.

1) Listen to your Child

Children are sensitive to the Unseen aspects of reality without having an activated Psychic/Mediumistic talent. However, Children who are extremely sensitive are trying to reconcile their inner/outer experiences while navigating a world that declares these skills/talents as impossible. They are most likely not brought up in a family home that openly discusses and accepts Psychism which greatly influences how Children are cognitively processing what is occurring for them.

I remember growing up and I could not sleep in the room by myself. I had my mother sleep in my room and I slept in my parents' room for a number of years until I was 12 years old. I wasn't seeing spirits, but I FELT and I had Psychic Knowing. I was terrified of the dark and I did not have the vocabulary to speak about what I was experiencing.

Have an open dialogue. Let your Child know that you have a space for honesty and acceptance. This isn't only for Psychic and Mediumistic Experiences, but I can only talk to you as an authentic, developed Psychic Medium.

You could do an Art activity together. Art stimulates the Psychic Art Mind and it may be easier for your Child to recall the Psi Experiences.

Scolding and Attacking your Child for discussing Psi Experiences will cement your Child's feelings and thoughts within the Unconscious which will reveal itself down the road as well as influencing the Conscious Thought-Emotion-Action loops. It can be incredibly traumatic for the Child navigating this world with heightened Psi coupled with being verbally/emotionally/physically assaulted for trying to speak about what is happening to the Child.

Give them a chance to speak and have the courage to push through your own Cognitive Dissonance and Beliefs that were created from a world that is divorced from the true nature of reality.

2) Your Child Is In Control

Without Psychic and Mediumistic Training (and Acceptance of the real phenomena), Children are left at the mercy of the Unseen Energies. Psychic and Mediumistic Impressions bombard Children's Energy Fields and they are not aware of how to tune these impressions down to a lower volume.

Your Child is in Control when your Child is given the tools to take the reigns of his/her Intuitive Instrument.

It is incredibly simple! I'll share some tips, but first just let your Child know that he/she can soften the impact of the impressions.

Prayer will also help. It is about setting Intentions and invoking Protection from negative influences. Only Inviting Loving Energy from the Divine. Nurturing a connection to the Divine that empowers your Child because Psi Experiences are peeling back layers of dogma/doctrine/programs laced throughout our world that disempowers humans.

3) Strategies

You can light a candle or even use a fake candle. Tell your Child to mentally (and verbally) speak that he/she commands the impressions to subside. This work is guided by Intention. Each night before bed, have the candle on and even write out a simple script to repeat or create a song. Write words that empower your Child and that your Child is protected by the Natural Golden Light of the Higher Power. Obviously you can use whatever lens to perceive the Divine, but choose the words that specifically state that your Child is in control.

Have your Child declare that he/she does not consent to receiving impressions. You would use words that your Child understands that helps him/her Reclaim his/her Power.

Create time for your Child to engage with his/her Psychic Art Mind through Art and/or Music. This channels the Psychic Energy into a physicalized expression and subdues the anxiety. Playing with Legos. Dancing. Whatever your Child loves to do that is not bound by Screens.

Have a consistent practice of walking outside in Nature. Detach from consistent electronic use. Electronics and Screens interfere with the Psychic Art Mind. Your Child is ultimately Strengthening and Gaining Control of your his/her Psychic Art Mind. This is akin to feeding your Child nutritious foods and ensuring him/her has adequate exercise through Play and just being a child.

Your Child could Craft a physical representation of his/her Power in the form of a Talisman. It is for your Child's physical eyes to see the Protection which works in conjunction with your Child's metaphysical senses. Anything of importance! It could even be something you gift your Child or your Child finds something at a store that speaks to him/her. It can be something small to carry everyday and/or have it beside your Child's bed at night.

This is about your Child learning that he/she is in Control, has the Power to set an Intention to lower the Psi Volume, and that your Child is not crazy. I learned through my research and my own personal experiences that Psychic and Mediumistic Impressions can mimic what the Institutions of our world declares as a Diagnosis. Obviously, I'm not giving you medical advice. I am telling you as an Adult who is a practicing psychic medium that your Psychic and Mediumistic Child is having to deal with their inner/outer experiences and the gaslighting that declares those personal experiences as fake/made up/false/etc...

When a Child learns to Harness and Control these Psychic and Mediumistic Impressions then he/she is able to control the symptoms that are labeled as something which institutional professionals will follow the protocol to prescribe drugs which will lead to negative effects once you actually research the institutions, drugs, and the many areas of our world that only care about profiting off of dis-ease and ignorance.

When you take an active role in your Psychic/Mediumistic Child's life concerning his/her real experiences of Psi then you can nurture your Child's potential to help many people in his/her adult life, keep your child out of harm's way, and ultimately Inform yourself about the actual research regarding all institutions and Psychic/Mediumistic Phenomena.


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