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Letters in Readings

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Doodle Teachings! The Alphabet “Psychic Medium”. Remember these doodles are to teach you about the Craft and to identify those wish to capitalize on your ignorance.

Letters! They are to assist with confirming the Subject-Setting-Time for Psychic Readings. Letters stream with additional details - nouns/adjectives - rather than just going through the alphabet. Remember that bytes of energetic data are subtle, fast impressions that do not resemble a memorized transcript.

Mediumistic Readings also have letters! They may give a single letter to identify spirit’s name, someone connected to spirit on Earth, or identifying another spirit. As seen in the Raw Mediumship Demonstrations Number 1, “W” was to identify the spirit’s name. Then we saw a Female with S Name connected with Cancer which was validated as someone in spirit connected to the spirit who was at the microphone.

It is not about rolllllling through the Rolodex of Letters. They are a tool to assist with confirming if the information is in the conscious awareness or a potential in the unknown.

I find that I won’t receive a handful of letters during mediumistic work. Just a few. Psychically, they are an easy way to identify the Song while other details stream through my Mind Tool.

Do not fall prey to those who wish to tarnish the actual practice of PSYCHISM 🕯🔥 anddd let us not forget the XYZ overlords of our world purposely gaslights you if you believe me and other genuine psychics and mediums because...well then you’ll be empowered with knowledge, your consciousness expands, and you’ll then see the Vampire and the lies lies lies lies lies lies lies.


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