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The Apprenticeship

8:40am 11/8/23

Last night, I plopped onto the bed after the night skies enveloped the horizon. I had a productive and insightful journal session on the balcony. I thought I'd watch a movie and go to bed (I got a restful, 10 hour sleep), but I the Lightning Bolt of Inspiration struck! The Tower's Bolt that crumbled the structure so a new one could be built in its place.

The Apprenticeship Program.

Synchronicity led my day and it accumulated into receiving this program.

Yesterday, I reflected on the Archetypal Wheel I constructed through Myss's work. The Mentor Archetype. I was surprised at how helpful this tool was! The idea of The Teacher doesn't fit as well as The Mentor. A one-on-one program to help an innate reader to begin reading others through a psychic reading that has a system to be a valuable service.

I want my Apprentice to eventually be better than me at Reading. I had no idea what a psychic (and mediumistic) reading was when I began. I had years of studying myself and my readings to see the patterns and develop the system. So! Why not teach this to another person who hears the Soul's Call to READ.

I had an epiphany! I was no longer going to allow myself to complain about the state of the psychic field full of XYZ. I decided that I should focus on BUILDING what I wish to see in the psychic field. To reclaim my Creative Energy and channel that into a program for my Apprentice to build upon after it is completed.

It is to lay the foundation which my Apprentice will use throughout his/her life. It is for the beginning reader to have the tools and strategies to provide a psychic reading that is valuable, accurate, and is of practical use with a dash of mysticism.

I typed two pages on a Word document last night. I couldn't help it! The torrent of ideas overflowed my Mind Tool and I'm so thankful that this happened!

My Apprentice will not be dependent upon me after the program. The Individual work during and following the apprenticeship is what matters most since psychic development is ultimately about You meeting You meeting You meeting You.

It is an extension of my Psychic Development Circle since that will be required to view. But! I'll have an option to add 8 hours to the Apprenticeship for me to give that lecture. I have a few options that can be added onto the Apprenticeship.

I realized that I cannot complain about What Is nor the Broken-ness of What Is. I am going to mentor an individual so he/she can go out into the world with a basis of a psychic system that will EVOLVE over time.

There will be an Application. There will be Homework. This is a Commitment.

Stay tuned for The Apprenticeship! I feel like I'm going to launch it in 2024 since I have the bullet points already written along with many other materials that I already created.

The Apprenticeship.


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