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The X-Men Of It All

If you know me...then you know I am a huge fan of X-Men. Pertaining to Psychism, X-Men illustrates the innate abilities of a person (or mutant) without any need to pass through a gatekeeper.

Psychism from within the DNA.

I navigate this realm with my passion for psychic and mediumistic skills as a birthright of humans. A faculty of the human species that is active regardless if a human is conditioned to believe the Sacred Intuitive Arts as hogwash. My life's experience delightfully taught me about the Wonders of the Human.

My eyes water when I see the beautiful expressions of Psychism through the art of Charles Xavier. The X-Men films, although I feel they could have been given more love from fillmakers/studios, is a perfect detailing of what Could Be (or should I say What Is) of the human species' potential for an Organic Evolution - A Rejection of the Brain Microchip that the Transhumanists so desperatley wish to unleash onto the population.

Clairvoyance of the mind - True Sight that is cultivated through dedication and discipline....along with the Great Inner Work to blossom Psychism.

Honestly, I absolutely believe in the Benevolent Beings assisting Humanity. However, I am not inspired to discuss that which is parroted amongst the community of spirituality. I even...I don't believe in a spiritual path other than developing and honoring the Heart. No Dogma. No Doctrine. No Rules.

Treat others the way you want to be treated - In Harm None, Do What Ye Will.

I can go on and on about the lists of that which would attract followers/subscribers. It actually is funny at how easy it could be to do so via the parroting. Luckily, Higher Mind, and my life's journey, taught me about following Self and honoring Self. Thus...X-Men (and the Witch) is my favorite story-telling of Psychism.

"Physical Psychism" isn't apparent in my life. I am not skilled in telekinesis. I cannot stream fire from my finger tips. I am absolutely sure that there are humans capable of such amazing feats. I joke that if the zombie apocalypse occurs, as depicted in Hollywood, then I expect telekinesis to emerge as a talent of mine. And lordddd knows that I am not doing "Physical Mediumship" since I find that to be too frightening.

Give me X-Men. Serve me X-Men.

X-Men Evolution is my favorite iteration of X-Men. I remember watching that show in the early 2000s and living for it each weekend! It was a Mirror of my potential.

What is the potential for the Human Species? What do those who know the secrets of our species hide from us? Why is it that this long island boy was able to discover the art and mechanics of Psychism?

The more I feeeeel into my X-Men love...the more I realize what I am to showcase using my talents.

The Intuitive Muscle/Instrument. The Human's Metaphysical Skillset. The Evolution.

Maybe I'll create my own Xavier Institute.


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