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Marnie: True Blood's Wounded Medium

Synchronicity & Higher Mind led me to binge watch the 4th season of True Blood featuring Mediums & Witches. This is my favorite season of True Blood and I can see why I was led to watch this season again during this Halloween season.

True Blood's depictions of Mediums are incredibly accurate when it comes to the act of a mediumistic reading. However! There are fantastical elements laced throughout the medium's portrayal. I video captured the clip of the medium, Marnie Stonebrook, giving Sookie a reading when Sookie's Gran joined the session. Hyper-focused clues. Messages. The Subtle Art of Mediumship.

I see Higher Mind's direction for this fourth season viewing which I'll detail in this entry. Also! Lafayette discovered that he was a medium in this season! That was really cool especially when his boyfriend, Jesus, stated the Rarity of the Medium and how it is a calling that cannot be fought. My eyes were popping out of my head due to this synchronicity.

Marnie was an activated medium throughout all of her life. She felt like a freak. She felt like an outsider. She was outcasted and was left feeling like a push over. She was angry at the world, at people, and she was at the mercy of her victimization believing that everything was out to get her.

Throughout the season, we learn that Marnie's deep wounding led her to join with a deceased Witch who amplified her power. She was enriched by the feeling of Power. Her days of being a pushover and a victim were over.

Even at the season finale, Marnie was speaking to Sookie's Gran, who was now corporal because of Halloween, and Marnie declared how all of her life she had the dead chattering in her Mind Tool to deliver messages. Marnie lamented how she was at the mercy of the dead and to those around her who made her feel less-than. I was like "Whoaaa, Higher Mind! I see what you're doing here!"

This synchronistic mirror was to show me how not to be consumed by anger at the world and the ignorance of mediumistic work. To not allow myself to be at the mercy of my internal wounding. To not fight the calling and to not allow my internal wounding to turn me into a monster.

Obviously...this show is a fantastical illustration. But! The MEANING dials right into my life.

I was synthesizing my annoyance with the misperceptions and falsities about mediumistic work while having to battle the projections of others onto me as I dawn the Psychic Medium title. I'm human and I allow myself to feeeeeel my emotions. A day of just being fed up with the ignorance of this work scattered throughout the population due to XYZ.

Higher Mind showed me this so I won't allow myself to be consumed by the anger. To show me Marnie as a potential if I were to go down the path of being consumed by the lingering wounds housed within my Unconscious.

To focus on all of those that I could help! To focus my energy and attention onto/with people who are sincerely curious and wish to learn about the Sacred Art of Mediumship through the REALITY of what these abilities are rather than the falsities, sensationalism, and misperceptions.

I was truly astonished by the synchronistic web of this show, my emotions, and my unconscious.

True Blood's portrayal of mediumship and the life of mediums is the best I've ever seen in a work of fiction. They must've had the writers interview authentic mediums or something! They got it goooooood and it was a season that will forever be the star of True Blood in my eyes.

Honor the Sacred Art of Mediumship. Accept What Is. Don't allow your wounding turn you into a monster. Embrace the Path. Help those you can. Do not become consumed by Darkness. Be the Spiritual Warrior.

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