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Met with an Angel

Around 12pm today, November 2nd 2023, I met with an Angel. I dropped off mail at the post office, walked to the parking lot, and I heard an elderly man speak about liking a haircut. It quickly occurred to me that he was speaking to me. I recorded a quick video right after what happened and uploaded it to my Instagram and YouTube channel. A meeting that I needed to share while I was also integrating this experience.

I feel like I didn't relay everything that happened since I was stunned. His words were fleeting quickly, but it was the VIBRATION that first filtered through my Psychic System.

It was a Vibration and Frequency of an Angelic Presence.

To be clear, I am not one who "opens up and connects to XYZ being". That's not in my nature. I don't care for communicating with entities/beings. I only do this during a mediumistic session with a client when there is a Soul Agreement for this Art to be performed and I'm in a Sacred Space protected by the Holy Nature to become a microphone for Spirit.

But...this experience was a meeting with an Angel.

The man was pretty bald and wearing blue clothing. Shorts with a jacket. He walked up to me when I realized that the haircut comment was for me. It was a lovely compliment so that was surprising to hear a stranger say that he liked my hair.

He then proceeded to Radiate an Angelic Force.

I don't find myself communicating with Angels. I know that I have a lot of conditioning in my Psychic Wiring dictated by religious doctrine and even some new age teachings about what Angels are or what they claim to be. I understand the Presence of Benevolent Forces who are deeply and intimately tied to Humanity's Evolution. I just...I really am not interested in other-being-communication. It can also be quite dangerous when channeling forces without Knowledge and Protection. Team Light / Higher Mind steered me away from many broadcastings encouraging connecting to entities since...well...liars are not just bound to human form.

I am incredibly secure with my Mediumistic Work. That is of Essence. That is of Holy Nature. That is a Sacred Space anchored through my Heart and in an alignment with the GodForce.

But this man. This man, he was Radiant.

He began speaking to me about not paying any attention to the opinions of others. To just be Myself. To care about being Me. His wording flees my mind. It all happened so fast.

What he was telling me mirrored what I've been reading in Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss. He was Radiating the Vibration from Caroline's writing and this was an Act of Grace. A Sacred Interaction.

He even started telling a few jokes about pumpkins and using puns that I actually thought were hilarious!

He mentioned "your grandmother and grandfather" and he didn't explain anything else about that. However, I felt the presence of my grandparents. I even forgot that all of this happened when I recorded the short video.

This man was Mirroring back to me the Great Inner Work that I've been diligently and patiently doing over the last few months especially when Transit Pluto was Opposite my Natal Sun and Transit Saturn Conjunct my Ascendant.

He was truly an emissary to tell me that I'm on the right track, to SHINE my Light, to continue working on feeling confident to be myself, and to pay no attention to the opinion of others toward me.

He then also proceeded to talk about orientation and I think he mentioned his nephew or some other male in his family line younger than him about his partner. This was an eye opener. He said to just love who you want to love. anniversary with my Love is tomorrow.

This was a Holy, Sacred Act of Grace.

I feel like he was really just Impressed upon by an Angelic Presence. A Messenger.

Following this interaction...I was LUCID in this Collective & Personal Dream that we all find ourselves traversing. I was really in Awe.

I don't know what Angels look like or what they truly are. I have the images of Angels from artwork that is cemented in my Psychic Wiring. was the Energy and a Knowing that this was Angelic.

What is Reality?

I have many thoughts about many things. The Nature of our Reality is something I enjoy dissecting with a knowing that I will never know all of the answers since these are Mysteries and that my tiny human brain cannot conceptualize the Grandness of Reality and Holy Nature.

What is Reality?

It was the SIGNATURE of an Angel.


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