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Noreen Renier: A Powerhouse of Knowledge

Noreen Renier is a psychic investigator that wrote the book "A Mind for Murder: The Real-Life File of a Psychic Investigator" which is one of my favorite books! I never had a reading with Noreen, however, the way she explains the mechanics of her craft alerts me to the fact that she is a genuine practitioner of PSYCHISM.

The Ryan & Jake Mystery Agency at The Light Wizards' Bazaar is greatly inspired by Noreen. Her book provides the foundation of knowledge for the healthy logic mind to conceptualize the process of her abilities and how her services may assist a person. She presents the information with case studies to illustrate how she is just a tool for investigative work.

I started reading this book on June 27th 2020 at 4:15pm and then I read it again a month or two ago in 2023. I am fascinated by her work and her interviews and appearances are compelling! She breathes life into the audience through her sense of humor, warmth, and professionalism. Her book assists with the process of dissolving misperceptions so a person's perceptions and expectations are aligned with the reality of psychic abilities.

Noreen will be the first person to state that she is not going to be 100% accurate. She deems 70% accuracy while working on a case to be sufficient. Her book lays down the foundation of how the Mind Tool receives an orchestration of impressions that she must relay without editing, judging, and interfering. She may misinterpret a vision or get something wrong. However, the breath of correct interpretations and information outweighs the incorrect detailings.

Psychics and Mediums are just Tools which I speak and write about throughout my website and at The Light Wizards' Bazaar. We are a Radio tuning into streams of energetic data which filters through our frame of reference / lens of perception.

The 1st episode of the Ryan & Jake Mystery Agency incorporated the knowledge provided by Noreen. As you may have listened, I received a compass in my mind's eye that directed me southeast to a trail that is within 5 to 10 miles of the coordinates Ryan provided. This was true and you can listen to the entire reading and decoding.

I always wanted to work on investigations and Noreen clearly explains how it is the detectives that solve the crimes - she is just a tool. My desire to do this type of work is severely influenced by my love of the shows Psychic Detectives and Psychic Investigators. I haven't worked on a case as of 6/14/23, but my intention is out there. I am not fooled by the delusion that everyone will accept this work and I am keenly aware of the entire mechanics of the Low Frequency Control Program to destroy PSYCHISM. I just want to help using my developed skills/talents in whichever way it comes to my experience. Also, I don't wish for my skills to be used for this because that will mean that a client has a missing loved one and/or there is a murder involved. But, I do know that we live on Earth where people are consumed by Darkness.

I really recommend you pick up a copy of Noreen's book and read it for yourself. Noreen navigated onslaughts of conditioned, unhealthy skeptics along with other dangers involved. Using one's developed psychic and mediumistic abilities are a danger to the LFCP so Darkness will consume whoever it can to attack a genuine practitioner of PSYCHISM. It just comes with the territory.

I believe that the rules she wrote in the introduction of her book will assist anyone with his/her healthy logic mind to conceptualize this work. I will write her 10 insights below, but I really encourage you to purchase her book and to experience the reading of her knowledge.

"A Mind for Murder: The Real-Life File of a Psychic Investigator" by Noreen Renier

Introduction - Pages XVI through XVIII

  1. A Psychic should be called into an investigation as a last resort, when traditional methods for solving crime have been exhausted.

  2. I prefer not to know any details or personal background of the victim or the crime other than the first name of the victim and the type of crime. The less you tell me, the more I will be able to tell you.

  3. I use psychometry, which involves touching an object that the victim wore or the suspect left behind.

  4. It is important to start slowly. Initially, I try to see psychically what the victim looked like, or to recreate the scene of the crime. I do this for two reasons: to make sure I am "tuning" in to the case and to give the officer/agent confidence in me as a psychic. If this is successful we can continue with the case.

  5. Questions. How you question me will determine the quality of information I receive psychically. Be prepared. Know in advance what your objectives are. Think of a profile you want to fill in, information that will help you to identify and/or locate a suspect or body.

  6. The way the questions are phrased is extremely important. An incorrect way to question is: "Where does he (suspect) live? "Did he (suspect) do it?" A productive way to question is: "Stand in front of the house (body) and walk toward it. What do you see? Look to the right, to the left. Fly above it, what do you see?"

  7. Leading questions are not productive. Such questions include: "Is his hair black?" "Was he driving a blue Ford?" Instead, let me describe him/her to you, as well as any other pertinent information. Questions should have direction and not merely need a "yes" or "no" answer. It is very helpful to give me feedback when you know I have accurately described something or someone. The logical mind can analyze, but the psychic mind just receives information. The feedback keeps my confidence up and the images flowing. "Yes, we understand," is sufficient.

  8. Try not to analyze the data that I give you immediately. Think of this part of the session as "fact gathering." Get as much information as you can. Later, you can analyze the information that you have received and separate the wheat from the chaff.

  9. During the session, I will use all five of my senses to some degree. Ask questions that will make use of these senses. Example: "Is there a special sound near his house (body), a different odor?"

  10. My psychic memory is very short. Therefore, it is important that our session be taped. My answers can then be replayed repeatedly or transcribed in order to detect any information that didn't seem important or pertinent earlier.

"I do not claim to be 100 percent accurate in my interpretations. Nor do I claim to be able to work on all cases with an equal degree of effectiveness.

I do not mind skepticism. However, continued skepticism and negativism hamper my work and concentration..."

Amazon link to purchase her book here.


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