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The Oceanic Symbolism carries over from my Oregon stay resulting in my perceptions honing on the liquid state of reality.

The 10/28/23 Eclipse opened my eyes to the bio-holographic nature as I perceived myself to just be a Field of Information. Now it evolved into perceiving this realm as a Liquid-State.

I observe my life and see a Guiding Hand throughout my travels. Synchronicity responding to the Breadcrumbs of Inspiration to lead me to here/there/everywhere. The Reclamation of my Free Will through Healing my Inner Wounds along with perceived Destiny Points.

The Plasmic-Liquid Emission from a person's energy field greeting my Psychic Antenna along with the Liquid Essence of Spirit meeting my energy field to provide evidence of consciousness existing outside of the physical body.

An Illusionary State, but a State of Experience that is Real.

An Oceanic Membrane of Reality that responds to my needs while also gifting me with the challenging experiences to Evolve.

Based upon my Observations...there is this Guiding Hand that does provide assistance when I need it. I can recall moments when XYZ popped into my experience to gift me what is necessary, but not with a gluttonous taste.

The Psychic Wiring of my Unconscious that influences my Thought-Emotion-Action Loops while also communicating with the Oceanic Membrane of Reality.

I'm feeling like I'm Submerged within an Oceanic-Liquid-Universe.


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