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Piercing Through Cognitive Dissonance

The best way to enhance your experience of a reading is to familiarize yourself with the reality of genuine, authentic psychic and mediumistic skills. It is the process of reading the instruction manual to a new board game you're about to play - understanding the experience to achieve the game creator's intention. You may notice the Board Game Analogy throughout my website.

My work and studies educated me about the Mind. The layers of influence that construct our Personality and mold our Mind Tool. One of the biggest influential streams interfering with our Mind Tool's ability to conceptualize a reading is from the increasing nonsense broadcasted concerning PSYCHISM.

I often state the simple equation of 1+1=2. How I observed psychic and mediumistic impressions meet my intentions to read for a person. Years of experience studying my skills so I can offer a helpful service. The de-conditioning from systems stating the impossibility of PSYCHISM while reinforcing the evidence from my experiences.

Just like a classic example of how society once believed that the Sun and the planets orbited Earth. How many people were unwilling to accept the new information about our solar system orbiting the Sun. Cognitive Dissonance.

When a person's beliefs are feels like they were personally stabbed with a jagged, rusty knife. A person must sincerely desire the journey of opening up to new information, synthesizing the information, and evolving with the information. Just like a person would never accept help without asking for it.

Integrating the Knowledge of psychic and mediumistic skills is paramount coupled with an open mind. It is no use for me to waste time reading for someone who does not want to explore possibility.

It takes a lot of courage for a client to schedule a session. The courage required to be Open for something entirely new. I'm always surprised when a client schedules a reading without receiving my information through a referral. That shows me that this person sincerely wishes for my help and for my time to use my developed skills.

Cognitive Dissonance. That really is the biggest obstacle to overcome and not just with my line of work. With the external streams of controlling information. Censorship. Gaslighting. Psychological manipulation tactics.

I remember the time when my skills were strengthening and I was so excited to share them with everyone! Then...the Universe brought me to experiences so I could realize the naivety of my excitement.

Contemplating the reality of these skills and accepting the evidence of these skills are a challenging task which are foolish to believe that every person on Earth would be open to a reading. Cultural, Educational, Medical, and all other Institutional dictations declaring the impossibility of something that actually does exist. Having to accept the reality of these skills would force a person to contemplate every layer of influence attacking PSYCHISM.

I feel like my clients are genuine warriors for Truth. They can perceive a better existence for the human species. They can feel their Intuitive Instrument. They can feel that there is a possibility for life to be much more than what is. They are intelligent and they are capable of synthesizing new information to evolve for the better.

Piercing through Cognitive Dissonance is futile unless the individual desires to explore with a healthy logic mind and a blossoming psychic art mind.


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