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Practical Magic: Psychic Self-Defenses

8-2-22 Instagram Post

The Practical Magic of developing your psychic awareness is to reinforce self-confidence as your consciousness illuminates mental scripts designed by influences to endorse your negative timeline.

Dawning protective “energy gear” allows your day-to-day experience to accurately discern if the thought popping into your head detailing powerlessness is from the inner wound lashing onto the new experience to distort the opportunity to create positive magic!

Overcoming the negative thought loops requires a consistent practice. A practice of realizing why the mind is warped to projecting the worse case scenario.

Exorcising self-sabotaging tendencies which are desiring to produce the same trauma to reinforce “your” belief that you are worthless and not creative and not able to adapt to any circumstance.

As for meeee, my morning was a battle of a thought injection parading my mind scape with worse case scenarios and illusions of terror caused by me. I took a longggg walk and coached myself as being my best cheerleader!

This transmuted a weapon into my greatest armor!


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