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Psychic Development Circle Series

This morning, my morning exercises gifted me with inspiration from Higher Mind / Holy Nature / GODFORCE to create a new series using my Psychic Development Circle presentation! This is why I always say that a regular exercise practice helps to put your body in autopilot as you allow your mind to wander in Imagination.

I created the PDC back in February 2023, but I haven't done anything with it after I launched two circles with 6 students. My students were able to retrieve accurate psychic information just by absorbing this knowledge then implementing in during the six hour circle.

Knowledge. Knowledge. Knowledge.

I often wondered why I never received inspiration to launch a new PDC. I had this body of work that I created and it was just left buried away underneath my desk. Well...this morning changed everything! Inspiration! Inspired, In-Spirit!

I refer to myself as a Music Teacher who educates about the Intuitive Instrument. These abilities are spiritual and they are human. I reject any titles of being a "Spiritual Teacher" because I don't believe that I could be since I'm only 32 years old. I'm still young-ish and I find myself repelled by any of these "spiritual" teachers who are around my age or younger.

Being a Psychic Medium doesn't mean that I'm more spiritual than any other person. Everything is about being more HUMAN. Our Psychic and Mediumistic Skills are of the Human Species. Just because I regularly communicate with those who are journeying into the Unseen Worlds doesn't mean that I'm instantly enlightened.

I can discuss what I learned from using my psychic and mediumistic abilities.

I'm now going to be moving with this Inspiration and await the instructions on how to manifest the PDC Series. I do know that I'll have to resurrect my dead YouTube channel and morph it into a new form. Interestingly, I had glimpses and ideas swarm my mind tool about creating new video content which...led to this morning's "EUREEKA!"

The videos will be free. I really want people to know this information.

I have a service to help people develop their intuitive skills so I feel like that service will be more helpful if a person also watches this series.

A Library of Knowledge! A new Form! A new Era! I feel like I'll also evolve The Light Wizards' Bazaar into its next stage as well. We shall see!


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