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Psychic Development Circle to Apprenticeship Program

Beginning the journey of developing PSYCHISM will require your commitment to engage with reinvigorating your Psychic Art Mind to restore your life with Vitality, Awareness, and Responsibility. A process of Psychic Training that awakens your ability to Perceive the Subtle Forces and Energetic Streams that always surround you. Similar to beginning an exercise routine, a new instrument, and a new language. But why dedicate your time, focus, and energy to learning something in which the majority of the world's stage declares this as falsities, impossibilities, and foolishness?

February 2023, I received the download to create my Psychic Development Circle. My creative faculties and Psychic Art Mind embraced this new project. It felt like I was tasked with writing a thesis, but all of my research involved recording memories from Life educating me about my skills through experience. I brainstormed to list the most important topics for Psych 101. Examples from my life illuminated in my Mind's Eye to provide anecdotal evidence. I structured my brainstorming into an outline which morphed into a new outline and then finally finalized into a PowerPoint Presentation. It also reminded me of writing my Novel back in 2014.

A process of my Lower Mind (Ego Construct) connecting with my Higher Mind (Essence) in a dance of Creation that followed Intention.

I blocked off a full weekend to ensure that the PowerPoint Presentation would be completed by my deadline. It was easy. It just flowed because I was tapped into my Essence while embodying the passionate fire to birth something as I remembered why I love Psychic and Mediumistic Work. The Art & Science of PSYCHISM.

I had two rounds of my Psychic Development Circle with 3 students for each. It was a time to just share information with those who sought after my knowledge and wisdom so they could integrate the PDC into their lives. I was surprised that I had even just 1 person want to learn from me....let alone 6 people. Was it going to work? Would the way that the Circle was structured actually bring people into a state of awareness to engage with PSYCHISM? Would I be able to teach people how to move into a Psychic-State to receive accurate information as they began to release their Mind Tool from the conditioning of our species?


When I received the download to record and publish my Psychic Development Circle to my YouTube channel...I was shocked with Inspiration's Electricity! The 2 rounds were in March 2023 and I did not receive any instructions on what to do with my PDC since then. My Healthy Logic Mind was saying how I could create a webinar or launch a new circle after receiving feedback from my 6 students. I could create a weekend retreat. I could really amplify my PDC into even a school. these thoughts were moving around my Mind Tool...there weren't any feelings of Excitement! Passion! Interest! It was just flat.

I'm aware of the Wild Wild West of the psychic broadcasters throughout YouTube and social media along with all of the theatrics involved in marketing, gaining views, and establishing an audience. I don't put much effort into trying to build an audience since I really am not lit up with passionate fire when I think about being a broadcaster - content creator. I also don't feel driven by an idea to have followers, subscribers, likes, and an audience.

I just love Knowledge and I want to build a Library.

I feel like my Psychic Development Circle is really meant for those who are supposed to find it. Who desire real information and to accept responsibility for developing one's PSYCHISM. It isn't a magic formula and there are no short cuts. A person has to genuinely desire to do the work and to meet oneself.

You would want to develop your PSYCHISM if you want to return to Whole Minded States of Existence. To Perceive yourself in a way that impregnates you with the connectivity to the Subtle Forces and Higher Mind. To know what an Intuitive Download feels like and then act on the Intuitive Instruction. To navigate this world with an ability to Perceive the Energetics surrounding a person/place/thing. To not be afraid of seeing beneath layers of lies that you see in the outer world and the lies you tell yourself. To connect with the Higher, Creative Intelligence to follow each breadcrumb to see where you end up.

I've been reading Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss. Optimal Path, Psychic Wiring, & PSYCHISM. I repel against the thought of holding a Broadcaster/Content Creator Archetype. I deeply move with loving emotional responses to the thought of the Librarian & Writer Archetypes.

I feel more in love with bringing forth information as we are immersed in Dense Materialism where people are completely unaware of the actual reality of PSYCHISM, what these skills truly are, and how to engage with the Psychic Art Mind.

The Teacher Archetype...I feel a resonance with that. The Mentor Archetype...that feels a bit better to me. When I think of having an Apprentice...I am electrified with Joy and Delight! One student to pass my knowledge to and to help him/her rise to his/her Optimal Path as a Psychic and Mediumistic Reader.

I wasn't sure why I wrote this blog entry. I initially titled it as 'Why Engage With Psychic Development?' but I found that I wasn't receiving the inspiration to follow that title. But! That title was the breadcrumb to lead me to the realization that I have now.

An Apprentice. The Mentor Archetype. I was flipping through the list of the Archetypes in Sacred Contracts last night and the page with the Mentor Archetype kept showing itself to me.

To pass on my way of Reading to an Apprentice who cannot fight Higher Mind's Calling to do Psychic and Mediumistic Work professionally. An Apprentice who, like me, kept resisting this work and who does not want to do this work to become famous. An Apprentice who has no other choice, but to align completely with the Seer Archetype.

The Seer. The Prophet. The Visionary. The Medium.

My Cancer Sun & Libra Moon are BEAMING at the idea of having 1 Apprentice who I will shower with my heart and everything that I know.

My Psychic Development Circle was for the Public - a Free Book at the Library.

My Apprenticeship Program will be for the 1 who Higher Mind is leading toward me who is meant to be my Apprentice.


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