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Psychic Wiring: Animal Totems

Psychic Wiring is the accumulation of the Thoughts and Emotions housed within the Conscious Mind as well as the Undercurrents of the Unconscious Mind that can be perceived through the Symbology of Animal Totems. A Symbol of the Energy Momentum that a person is Building, the Psychic Make-Up of a person's Soul Energy, and the Torrent of Patterns moving within the Subconscious.

In 2009, the Wolf Totem stared at me in my freshman year's dorm room mirror. A Projection of my Psychic Wiring. An invitation to explore PSYCHISM and a Representation of what was emerging.

I would see Animals around people - a static bio-holographic overlay surrounding their physical make-up. I originally though these were Animal Spirits, but I grew in my understanding which evolved to determine the Animal Totems as Psychic Wiring.

Think about it. Archetypes and Animal Totems are a representation of a Collection of Patterns that can be decoded to extract the meaning quickly, accurately, and efficiently. If I were to point at a person in a room and state that the person reminds me of an Eagle then you'd immediately begin the process of decoding the Eagle Symbology through your Lens of Perception / Frame of Reference. This is similar to if I pointed to a person and state that the person reminds me of a Nerd/Jock/'d know what I'm talking about without really having to decipher the titles.

I'm always questioning, learning, studying, and observing. My understandings evolve over time and I'm always willing to allow my beliefs/ideas to be challenged with new information and Psychic Insights. I am ultimately a Student of Life since the Teacher of Life taught me about my psychic and mediumistic skills.

The Psychic Wiring perceived through Animal Totems are Gateways to Divine the electrical psychic currents operating in the Conscious and Subconscious Minds. We are electro-magnetic beings. This is expressed through our Physicality and there is also a Metaphysical Electrical Current operating in tandem with our beating hearts and our neurological system.

Through my own Great Inner Work, I grew with (I'm having intense Deja Vu right now) my life's experiences so I can understand more of what my role is as an authentic, developed Psychic Medium. To see myself as the Mirror, Reflector, Projector...the Looking Glass / Magnifying Glass.

My Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Forecasts demonstrates Symbolic Sight and then there are some symbols that emerge throughout my Raw Mediumship Demonstrations. I am just a Reflection of your Intuitive Potential/Muscle/Instrument.

Animal Totems are what I can easily use to Decode Energy / Psychic Wiring. My "definition" of the Scorpion Totem may differ and may be similar to your decoding. It isn't about the "correct definition" detailed in a dictionary. It is your Lens of Perception and Frame of Reference which you can learn about in my Psychic Development Circle.

We are creatures of Earth and expressions of Divine Spirit. We are immersed in a sea of frequencies and vibrations which can be perceived through our Physical Eyes and our Metaphysical Eye.

I recommend you begin to learn your Personal Psychic Language to understand your Psychic Wiring.


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