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PSYCHISM Evolution, Mysteries, & Psyche

5:52am 11/7/23

I'm cooling off from a half hour elliptical session. The roaring ocean is blanketed by darkness as I'm sitting near the sliding glass door while battling the fog on my glasses.

Archetypes and Jung. So far...this trip is marrying my Intention of To Augment, To Anchor, & To Understand.

I completed two readings of my Comprehensive 2024 Psychic Assessment. A new service that was welcomed during my stay reflected To Augment. Archetypal Patterns are emerging in my readings stronger than ever as the Classical Archetypes brush on my Mind Tool's Canvas along with my precious Symbolic Sight of Animal Totems. Energetic Information Packets tapping into the Collective Psyche that is fine tuned into the Individual Psychic Wiring...and, of course, "Literal" Information.

As I read through Sacred Contracts, I enjoyed reading Caroline discuss how Archetypes emerged in her readings which caused her To Augment them as she integrated this new Awareness. Synchronicity.

My morning elliptical session was bound by a Broken Crystal. The Shards shattered to symbolize the Archetypal Psychic Wiring as the Pacific Ocean illuminates the Unconscious. How the Individual is a multi-faceted creature comprised of Shards. Hello, Inner Scientific Mystic! To Understand.

My Oregon stay introduced bone-chilling truths that I witness as a Neutral-Observer. I learned a lot about the hidden forces woven throughout the Medical Industrial Complex from the mouth of those who received the assaults. Primary Sources. Humans sharing their experiences and it just all comes back to the Depths of the Pacific Ocean. Scorpionic-Influences. And was not triggering a fear response.

It was me Witnessing the Council discussing Thy Enemy.

Thy Enemy as the Force to encounter which will either Create Positive Transformation or Enhance the Cowering Wounded Child not ready to traverse the playing field of Life.

Ultimately, it is the Mirror of the Individual Unconscious Psychic Wiring appearing in the Conscious Mind to see the Depths of Self playing a role in another.

A Sacred Time that directs me to the Mysteries of the Psyche to Anchor. An evolution in my Readings and my PSYCHISM to Augment. Piercing the Veil as I travel deeper into my Personal Psyche to Understand.


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