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PSYCHISM is Reflexive

I often contemplate about how psychic and mediumistic abilities function which led me through a series of questioning to discover the mechanics. My sixth house stellium augments my curiosity so I can formulate a recipe for success to ensure a client receives the maximum potency of a reading.

"What is this?"

My healthy logic mind desires to understand the formula. To grasp the influences that comprise the quality of a reading. Engaging with my Higher Mind to explore the intricacies woven throughout the energetics involved in a reading.

I overcomplicated the process. I figured that there must be a specific reason as to why my intention to read for someone is greeted with a series of orchestrations of impressions to produce an accuracy rating high enough to claim the title of psychic medium.

After struggling to fully understand, I received a simple explanation through the symbology of American Horror Story Coven. These abilities are Reflexive. It doesn't involve an elaborate ritual to create the gateway for information to download into my Mind Tool. It just happens.

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Positive synchronicity led me to a video of Noreen Renier explaining her skills. She shared how others asked her how her skills work which led her to a simple answer. She responded that it is just like how the logic mind comprehends and executes mathematics. People are unaware of the mechanics of the logic mind and they just know that it works. Well, the Psychic Art Mind is the same way - it just is.

Why does your arm move when you make the intention to reach for an object? You can research the operations of the human body's systems that interact with one another and the consciousness of a person to move an arm. You can explore the anatomy of the body. You can easily spend hours upon hours of research to uncover the mystery. can just accept that it is a reflexive action following the directive from the conscious mind.

Psychic and Mediumisitic Abilities are the same. They are Reflexive. When this realization dropped into my conscious mind I was comforted by this conclusion! I was like..."This makes so much sense!" I didn't require the ins and outs of the mind/body/spirit complex to be understood. It just is.

I am interested in learning about the compartments of the brain that allows the flooding of information to create psychic and mediumistic impressions. I intend to follow inspiration to work with positive synchronicities to align me with research housed in the exploration of PSYCHISM. This will take a life time to uncover the secrets and sift through the distortions.

These abilities are built into the human design. You can either accept the simple answer of how your arm moves or you can dive deep into the seas of research.


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