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Psychology Over Pop-Spirituality

The Pop-Spiritual movement parading across all social media platforms is destructive because it leads people into disassociating from their lived-experience, suppressing their emotions, dis-regulating their nervous system, and leaves them defenseless.

Psychology is a better Tool and Modality to study than the Pop-Spirituality nonsense.

Yes, you can look at Psychology's past and see miss-use of power and fallacy especially when you examine barbaric practices such as lobotomy. However, a deeper understanding of how unresolved trauma influences your mental, emotional, and physical patterns would assist you positively compared to spiritual by-passing.

Accepting What Is. A healthy Reality Check.

Remembering that you are a Spark of the GODFORCE that is capable of transmuting all of the external world's influences so you can Rise like the Phoenix triumphantly. You are a Powerful Force in this world encased in a human body which is able to adapt and to modify to every situation.

Feeling your emotions. Synthesizing your emotions. Not believing in Pop-Spiritual teachings that divorce you from taking responsibility of your life.

You are creating your reality through every action and every thought. You are also existing in a world with billions of people so you are to strengthen your ability to Adapt and to Modify.

Encouraging a healthy self-esteem. A willingness to do the work to impregnate your life with Wonder, Healthy, Love, and Magic.

Pop-Spirituality dictates watered down spiritual truths into a bite sized package that is involved with a billion dollar industry basically promoting Snake Oil.

True and Authentic Spiritual Practices is of you taking responsibility for your life. To purge and to sacrifice all of your habits of thought and action which are hindering your potential for a life that is aligned with your Optimal Path. A willingness to examine your Psyche.

My services are a tool and I observed how information in readings suggest for a client to seek out the help of a trained psychologist to help you learn strategies to overcome Darkness.

It irritates me when I see Pop-Spirituality broadcast a dictation for followers to not feel negative emotions. "High Vibes Only". That is absolutely dishonoring who you are as a human. You have ups and downs. You actually gain more power if you allow yourself to Healthily Process your Emotions so they synthesize and push you into Higher States of Consciousness.

Pop-Spirituality concerning the Psychic and Mediumistic Fields lead people to butcher and bastardize the Craft of PSYCHISM. The Sacred Intuitive Arts are a Craft. It is a skillset. It is a trade. It is a higher expression and augmentation of the Intuitive Instrument. It is not for "pick a card" theatre or readings concerning celebrities. It is a Sacred Craft to help your fellow human navigate this world.

Jungian Psychology is one of my favorite modalities. Anything to help you to see why you do what you do, why you think what you think, and what is lingering in your unconscious causing you to feel the way that you feel.

We are all called for more. We are all met with impulses from the Divine to seek Higher Truths then ground them into Earthy Existence. To have you full attention with clear vision.

Psyche - Psychic.

We are all met with a call to action and it must begin with a desire to Rise within Self so we may discover our talents/skills, develop them, and then share them with our fellow humans.


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