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Readings: Trading Card Game Analogy

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Sippin’ on my morning coffee and journalin’ then a quick example of a TCG analogy to psychic work streamed on in bahaha. I’ll make it better eventually, but! Lemme explain:

1) A deck all shuffled and I don’t know any of the cards which represents the energetic data that’ll download into my Mind Tool.

2) The 1st card (which normally occurs at the beginning) is a clairvoyant symbolic image encoded with a time period and themes/messages - the Energy Forecast.

3) The second card is a clairvoyant literal image of Mountains/CO + ‘T’ + Girl Singing. The card has no time stamp and the person I’m reading has no idea...then I move to the next card and the person says “ohhhh, I know.” Psychic Amnesia and this is a real example from a reading bahaha. This is of a girl who sings with a T name that lives in CO.

4) Clairvoyant symbolic image for the third card. Heart chakra illuminated and it is encoded with a 3 year time period into linear time’s past and the chakra is muddy. Here we get a time stamp with a clairvoyant image which sometimes there’s a knowing, image, or feeling of a time. This reading example was of a woman who went through a divorce and what not over the last three years effecting her heart chakra.

This is a basic basic example, but really does give you another lens to perceive this work. I’ll create a Mediumistic example soon bahahaha.

Mediumship TCG Time! Just a brief explanation with some real life reading examples and a few that popped into my mind tool.

Spirit Deck Card drawn into Introductory Linking Phase space.

-Male coming through Father’s Side who experienced lung issues, was tall - 6’ +, ‘W’, and was middle aged when he transitioned.

*Validated that this is the sitter’s father with first name starting with W. He had lung issues in life, was around 6’, and died in middle age.

Noun/ Adjective Deck has 3 cards pulled.

1) clairvoyant sight of a female acknowledge that has ‘S’ name around her with cancer in the family.

*Validated that the Spirit had a sister with S name and died of cancer.

2) Hearing “San Francisco Trip”.

*Validated, after doing research, that Spirit did go to San Francisco and it was a favorite trip of his.

3) A knowing that Spirit was buried in a plot that is reserved for family.

*Validated that he was buried next to his parents.

Basically, Light Wizards, realize that the art of mediumship is way way way more than what is broadcasted to you and run run run away from any “medium” that says “Who is the father figure?”

Introductory Linking Phase identifies the spirit and provides details so the sitter can discern if he/she knows the Spirit.

Then more information is received to confirm if the sitter does know this Spirit along with bringing through other details that can be validated during the reading or after the reading.

And remember...there are other examples when more than one spirit comes on in at the same time as well as if the sitter cannot claim the person because he/she forgot or just doesn’t know.

Open yo’ minddddd and heal your misperceptions so your expectations and perceptions are aligned with the REALITY of this Craft.

Light Wizards! I always say how readings are like a board game...and now I realized it’s also like a trading card game!

When you see this Digimon TCG spread, you’re like “wtf is this?” But when you read the rule book and play a few rounds you know exactlyyyy what this is.

This is why I have a question when a person is booking a reading. I ask if you read the experience page on my website.

I want you to know what you’re buying and to disssssolve all the bullllshit misperceptions so your expectations and perceptions can align with the reality of the psychic and mediumistic arts.

I want you to get the most out of your reading and not to waste your time nor my time.

I’m not going to give an 8 hour lecture of what this is so my opening speech is 5 minutes or so.

When you are given Information then your healthy logic mind can comprehend which then expands your consciousness.

Readings aren’t a difficult board game lmao but if your perceptions are dictated by the Hive Mind and the flaccid delusionals broadcasted to you through XYZ...well, then you’re not going to enjoy the board game nor comprehend the reality of genuine psychic and mediumistic readings.

But ya know, the dumbing down of people and that fluoride stare...

Side note: I fucking lovvveee the Digimon TCG!


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