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Reconcile Stagnancy

Today is July 7th 2023. 7-7-2023 | 7-7-7. My morning bike session felt like I was moving into a warping stream to tie together the series of choices that I made which required bravery to move myself into more of an alignment with my Optimal Path. The courage to break out of the Hamster Wheel which was constructed by the undercurrents of my unconscious designed with an Underworld-Intention to remain stagnant inside a comfort bubble of known-reality.

I encourage you to read this post with an intention to resist siphoning your Life Force Energy through activating shame/guilt loops regarding your trajectory. To withstand any habitual thought patterns wishing to ensnare you so you do not extract the wisdom from your experiences. To not drive a knife into your stomach that exemplifies your desire to guilt yourself for not making a choice 10 years ago.

If we reconcile stagnancy...we see that the smallest of choices kept us within the Hamster Wheel. Patterns of actions resulting into overlaying the past onto the present to create a new form of the past into the future.

The Intrinsic Motivation required to transform. I often look back to my weight loss journey when I was 15. I finally was tired of complaining about my physique. I was tired of being swarmed by jealousy. I was tired of hating myself and I was tired of allowing myself to be the reason why I am not transforming. I desired to modify my thought-emotion-action loops and to embark on the efforts required to install a new program that was birthed by my Intentions.

It is an objective view on our present life with the strategy of examining the thought-emotion-action loops we embody every day. How each day builds into a week...month...year. Realizing that 1 + 1 = 2.

Radical responsibility for what is in our current space/time.

If we just modify one thought-emotion-action loop, allow ourselves to force our Will-Intention-Action into our life, then we will receive the evidence of our Creative Power. Our confidence will strengthen as we see that 1 + 1 = 2. We will see how we could really be our worst enemy and the disconnect between what we desire and the actions not implemented to birth our desire. Then we will be shown what we truly desire rather than living out the desire broadcasted through society.

If I really desire XYZ...then am I putting in the effort to translate that desire into the physical-sensory-dimension?

Reconciling our stagnation clears the pathways for the Unknown-Reality to birth through us as we engage with Inspiration. It is the enacting of who we are as an expression of Creation. Acting on Inspiration and training our Intuitive Muscle to link up with Higher Mind which houses the Map of our Optimal Path.


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