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Revolution of the Bazaar! August 2023

I must say that this past week, 7/25/23 to 8/1/23, was a Revolution! Spinning around a center point almost like the ride at the fair...the Gravitron.

The Value and the Why of the Light Wizards' Bazaar really stuck with me as I am 8 days into my break from social media. My psychic body is repairing and my eye for my "I" desire is at the front of my conscious mind.

I decided to listen to Higher Mind to have a revolution at The Light Wizards' Bazaar. I want to keep it solely for demonstrating these abilities through my Raw Mediumship Demonstrations, Ryan & Jake Mystery Agency, and whatever else wishes to visit the Bazaar.

It is is almost my own Xavier Mansion from X-Men. The Halliwell Manor from Charmed. Hogwarts!

I'm not sure as to why I was guided to create a YouTube channel back in 2021. I know that I learned a lot about myself and built more self-esteem. I do see that it was also for me to realize how much I learned by developing my skills.

The "I should" of creating a YouTube channel. How everyone does that if they have an intuitive business which I learned is untrue. The absorption of a collective group-think and then my belief in that this path is necessary.

I really enjoy recording the Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Forecasts! I will continue to do those at The Light Wizards' Bazaar. A tradition! However, I feel inclined to transfigure the episodes I made at the Bazaar into a BOOK.

I'm currently working on a project now which is why I withdrew my attention from social media. A project aka a BOOK. Yes. Writing this book made me realize what my LOVE is - writing. I wrote 'A Call For Clarity! The Emergence Of Four' with a belief that I'd be published. took me on a different ride, but I still love the writing!

Summer 2023 is all about reading reading reading. I read more books this summer than all of last year! The written word!

I realized that I don't value the internet content creation. My perceptions will anchor into a book so that the crafting of words hones the message into Earth's sphere. I may have developed my PSYCHISM, but I am just a person with my own lens of perception.

It is a Library for people to read the information then ponder.


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